There are a few things you learn in the most serendipitous and awkward of situations.
Taking more notice of the lessons you learn is like taking more notice of the women you pass; you begin to learn not to let them pass you. It pays dividends; both complexes are quite attractive. When you take modest note of the basic life lessons, the ordinary sort, you learn you can take on the wider picture, the wider complex or the wider woman in cases.

Few will deny their aspiration for a Harry Potter job title; it’s common accordance among the modern living. Plentiful seek charm in sipping a [take breath] Double Ristretto Venti non-fat organic frappuccino, extra hot with foam and whipped cream, upside down, double blended sort; fresh out of Starbucks.
However – like the lessons we learn – could it not be said that it belongs to these little details that skirt us around feeling blasé?

The given of Autumn and Winter will leave you a minute to none for being anything other than on trend. More than that, it leaves even lesser time to read up on what you should be wearing. These are the months of preparation for the season that allows little of; for once you have to have confidence in plain precipitation. The window of annoyance where writers like I throw incessant riddles at you in a self professed pernicious manner while you scream “tell me what the f*ck to wear” at the screen, has only just begun yet is about to close.

Accessory Coordination

The views of one man rarely -unless in heroic standing- survive the dawns of a decade. There was once a man in Germany who had a problem with this; some people just don’t have it in them.

The guided effort to harmonise clothes will never be lost. Be it harmonising as the first six letters intend or for it to be in an educated conflict or contrast with each other. Hardy Amies draws a stubborn, often snobbish line between coordination and harmony. Coordination should be an endeavour but should err towards transparency. When accessories come into play, this thoughtfulness should not be lost but appropriateness gained. You do not appropriate an umbrella in the broad of sunlight the same way to do not attend a wedding in your joggers (however drop crotched, cuffed hem or label splattered they may be).

Hardy Amies on Harmony:

Harmony in clothes, as in marriage, is a matter of adjustment. Each item in your costume should have a degree of sympathy with the others. This is not a matter of matching colours of patterns. Contrasting colours can harmonise much more effectively than matching ones by setting each other off. The opposite of harmony is conflict. You may not be gifted with the artistic eye for colour, but the simple way to avoid conflict is to see that no one item of clothing stands out by itself. If you can do that, you can achieve at least a basic harmony.

The Unlikely Essential: Braces

What is unlikely in life is often what is most cherished. A hair guised in your food is certainly not one of them but common sense would have nodded you to that conclusion anyway. If by pedalling the unlikely, am I making it become likely? It’s likely. However, there is the chance that my pedestal won’t be trusted by all if not knocked by a few.

My unlikely essential for AW10 is the brace. The American’s aptly name them 'the suspender' – the suspended wait at the urinal following the last sherbet and your inability to unhinge. Hardly the dapper image I wanted to begin painting.

Just as the hat serves and the brogues command a suit, the braces are – in brothel terms – the moneymaker. The overlooked lady in the corner who costs not so dearly yet offers more than others per-say. Concluding referencing items of clothing as tokens prostitution should end here, but I can see it being a persistent term.

  • ASOS Tan Leather Look Braces
  • Banana Blue & White Braces
  • Fred Perry Slim Polka Dot Braces
The Expected Essential: Scarves & Snoods

To be in avoidance of the expected is an all too common shortfall. It is of course a wise idea not to allow the distanced follower of fashion, the follower whose inspiration is ripped from the pages of a magazine or de-shelved from the window dressings, to offer you any tainted insight. However, I won’t catch a bus in the opposite direction just because everyone else is getting on the one I need. In fact, scratch that, I can’t trust buses not to smell like…

The Essential Essential: Winter Socks

Gone is the triumph of the sockless boat shoe, he had a good run! Now it is time to don your flippers in the more aptly fashioned. We can safely say that boots are going to be at the forefront of footwear without being scorned at. We have tried to push the detailing of socks on everyone, not stopping short at throwing them out of a London street window. With you boots this A/W, the right sock is never to be disregarded. A boot sock chosen over any other is a ‘phew’ on the head of fashionista’s. Where any brogued or similar sort is concerned, using bright, colourful or fair isle socks tying in with this seasons nomad’ish trend will allow reference to the fact that you sir, truly sock it to ‘em!

  • G Star Jacquard Socks
  • Fairisle 5 Pack Socks
  • Rick Owens Fine Merino Wool Knit Socks
  • Khaki Textured Socks
  • Calvin Klein Chunky Boot Socks
  • Polo Ralph Lauren All Over Polo Player Socks
The Essentials Read Up:
The Pro-pre-logue

The expose' (for need of a better word) into winter wardrobe compilation is needy and neurotic. The 'any man' practices overwrought compiling of an every day wardrobe: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday – given that your Harry Potter job title means you're getting screwed seven ways till Sunday!

To ease you in – making full use of the time never applied to us – this guide has been broken down into two pieces. This one for you to simmer in over the weekend until we bring you up to the boil (or rather – the chill) on Monday.

The follow up will be your bible, your life, and the book than displaces that unnecessary family picture on your bedside table.

Luke Barrett Todd
Assistant Editor

Editor Addition

As Luke has mentioned above, this is just a taster of what is to come on Monday. As his guide to Autumn/Winter accessories was so large, we have had to split it down over two days. I can assure you though that it is worth the wait and will answer a lot of questions the readers have been asking via email and in the comment boxes recently. Every essential A/W accessory will be covered and by the end of it, you should have a “go to” guide when picking those all important extra details which makes your outfit individual to YOU.

Enjoy the weekend and make sure you go over the recommended reading above so we can jump right in on Monday.