The College/Varsity Jacket

Why hello again. Unfortunately, due to the sudden and untimely death of my beloved laptop *sniff* my articles have been pretty non-existent recently. But with a brand new hard-drive and an injection of life from Apple Store (even if it did take 3 weeks), I am back! So let’s crack on then shall we?

OK, so first a confession. When I was considering the College Jacket (also commonly known as the Varsity/Letterman Jacket) as a key wardrobe piece, I was extremely hesitant. Firstly, the Varsity Jacket is a very ‘Americanised’ Jacket and if I’m honest, that’s the only place I really saw it belonging. Either sitting 4 sizes to big on the shoulders of US Hip-Hop stars OR on the backs of the College Football players, sat around drinking out of those red and white plastic cups at parties. I considered them pretty boring, unshapely, not particularly ‘trendy’ jackets. Now, for those of you sat at your computers currently getting highly wound up by my complete ignorance, fear not, I was proved wrong.

My first steps towards even considering trying such a jacket on came when I thought about the key footwear for this season. Deck Shoes, Loafers, Hi-Tops, Plimsolls. “Hmmmm… these all WOULD look pretty good teamed with a Varsity Jacket” Even wearing a Military Boot, Brogue or Gladiator Sandal could still work. You would be constructing a fresh new image for the jacket and creating that unique look many of us aim to acquire. So naturally the next step was to try one on. As I was still so unsure as to whether I would even suit the style I decided to purchase 3 or 4 different styles online giving me the opportunity to try them on with a number of items from my existing wardrobe.

The fact that this style of jacket has now hit the high-street is actually a massive plus. The fit of the jacket has been completely re-worked. I’d go as far to say that the jackets I tried on were actually VERY well fitted. I can’t really see the need to be wearing any more than just a t-shirt or shirt underneath your jacket as it probably passes as one of those jackets where it is acceptable to keep on (a bit like a blazer), so make sure your not buying it a size bigger to allow for heavy knitwear etc. After all of this I STILL wasn’t completely sold on the style. It was still just so plain and ‘average’. That was until, I came across the following photo’s.

How To Rock It

OK, now before you look at the following photographs I am going to need you to do 3 things…

  1. Keep an open mind.
  2. Forget that it is a woman wearing the jacket.
  3. For some of you, forget that woman is Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga in the Varsity Jacket

I wouldn’t consider my style exactly ‘avant garde’, but I thought this was amazing. As a self confessed ‘Fashion D.I.Y’er’ my mind started racing with all the modifications that could be added to a Varsity Jacket. The buttons could be changed, you could add studs, eyelets, safety pins, brooches, sew on badges (check the picture at the top of article), the possibilities are pretty much endless and more than achievable for even the most novice D.I.Y’er. There are also some very reasonably priced and very plain versions of the varsity jacket out there on the high street which would make a perfect blank canvas to get creative with. I was sold!

Now, I imagine many of you out there are already rocking a Varsity Jacket and are more than happy with it. I salute you and congratulate you on your excellent purchase. But the inspiration that rushed through my body at just the first glimpse of these pictures is something I wanted to share (and possibly even pass on) with those of you that like me, hadn’t realised the actual potential of the Varsity jacket.

Until the next time peeps.

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