If there is one thing, one idiosyncratic quirk, that plagues the English populace more than any, it's procrastination.

There is always somewhat of an angst when starting a new article; a wrangling in my stomach and in my head of which I know wasn't left by Saturday night's ill-advised kebab choice. It is so easy to be put up on a pedestal as an omnipresent of knowledge; acting as ubiquitous in all stand-points of style and genre as my current level of energy/ intoxication will allow. With any measure of pedestal comes the pressure and expectations that are, ironically, expected. Sometimes the only way to deal with them and avoid falling off your pedestal is to procrastinate. I mean look at me; already I am 125 words, 589 characters or 714 characters with spaces into this article and I haven't even told you what to wear, covered a trend or style stolen an uninformed celebrity. Half of you don't mind, half of you still haven't even realised what I did there. Procrastination.

Lookbookdotnu. is the coined culture of fashion indulgence and inspiration. The invitation-only community is not too distant from a Wisteria Lane connotation; it screams “the cool kid's lunch table.”

I've waded through countless denims, leathers, gilets, shoppers, checks, stripes (so on and so forth) to bring you my top Lookbook looks and looking at how you can get the FashionBeans lookbook-look alternative. If you comprende – you are a God amongst men.

The Looks

The Lookbook.Nu Looks We Are Going For

The looks we are going to recreate today are shown above. So from left to right:

Lookbook – Look 1: Hard Candy

Un-aptly named 17 year old 'Skank' Phillip E shows off one of my favourite looks of the year. His acid & pastel style is flawless (and I throw blunt objects more often than I throw that word around). What is great about lookbook is that it brings you back to basics and allows you to see the colour combinations and you realise why this is so important.

Phillip has used peach, grey, white and black as his beginning, middle & end. Now toss a dash of nonsensical lime green in there and what do you get?
Well, I'm back to throwing blunt objects again.

Get the FashionBeans Hard Candy [Colour] look:

  • Blue Boxy Crew
  • Unconditional Sweater Boy Jumper
  • Bleach Out Gilet
  • Keds Champion Plimsolls, Black
  • Bill Amberg White Canvas Rucksack
Lookbook – Look 2: Vanilla Skin

If there ever placed a call for the minimisation of shorts in all concerns, this would be fronting the campaign. Spain's very own (to be realistic, I could have told you he is from North Korea, it's not like they'd know) Ramon is showing off his British aptitude for weather: “It may be 40 degrees but I'm still anticipating rain with these boots!”

I admire his refusal to make any sort of boot redundant in the sunny/rain/sunny/rain months (as far as the Brits are concerned at least) of May, no, June, no, July; oh I don't know.

Ramon's Levi vintage, bear mangled, non-church appropriate shorts are almost certainly (if my pedestal serves me right) DIY. Mr Spaniard's look not to uncommon of the 80's Balearic beats Ibiza scene, it is one to be obtained and mimicked throughout SS10. Tip: For paler skin, tone down your look by favouring pastels. Neon hues will wash out your skin tone and make you… wait where did you go? I kid.

Check out Tom Bloomfield's DIY Fashion Fix of a student's dream: Jeans into shorts.

Get the FashionBeans Vanilla Skin [Era] look:

  • Clubmaster 3211 Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
  • Unconditional Deep Slashed Arm T-Shirt
  •  Pale Blue Roll Up 'Levi's' Shorts W34
  • ASOS Woven Lace-Up Shoes
  • Rose Pink V Neck Textured Cardigan
  • ASOS Leather & Chain Hanging Necklace
Lookbook – Look 3: I'm only gonna let you kill me once

With the A/W outlook established and leather going nowhere it is too early to say “denim is dead” but not soon enough to say “leather is living!”

Luckily for me I only have to kill Alex E from Montreal once to steal his leather & wool jacket. My geography teacher was called Sarah (I don't even think that is correct) she was fresh out of University and had really big, globes… any offered help finding Montreal?

Some find the black leather and black jean combo to be a bit drab. Markedly, the high street stores are picking up on this and will be showcasing more levels of leather-variety in AW10 than you can shake a bald cow at.

Get the FashionBeans 'Really long title name' [Material] look:

  • Dakota Cut Off Shirt
  • Black Leather Look Gilet
  • Grey Cuffed Denim Joggers
  • RetroSuperFuture Nero Trans Clear Basic Sunglasses
  • Raf Simons Astronaut Boots
  • Nixon Time Teller P Watch
Lookbook – Look 4

This is for YOU to decide. I want each of you reading this article (yes you so don't click away) to leave a link in the comment section below to your favourite upload. Then with it, post a brief summary as I have done above on why you like it, how it ties is with current trends, what you would change/add, and the winning submission will be feature on-site next week with full dedication to yours truly, wait no it would be my truly – does that even work?

In any case of lexical confusion I mean you!

Happy book-looking look-bookers, L x