Every so often here on Fashionbeans, an article is posted that causes quite a stir amongst readers and even some of the writers. The latest episode of controversy came from Feature Writer Luke Todd and his LOOKBOOK lookbook article. Now personally, I hold a lot of respect for Luke for choosing the looks that he chose. He could have quite easily picked the most commercial of looks, containing garments widely available online making his re-creations of the looks pretty straight forward and would have more than likely ensured a good few “safe” positive comments, but he didn’t. Luke chose a few of the ‘not so obvious’ looks which he personally loves for one reason or another and hoped to maybe inspire a few of you to try a brand new trend. Well, it is now time for me to call upon myself to stick my two-penneth in and submit my own LOOKBOOK lookbook article under exactly the same principles. Some may call me stupid, some may call me naive, but I personally just think I love a good challenge!

Please note: I have altered some of the looks slightly as we are limited to what is available online.

The Lookbook

So here are the two featured looks for today’s article:

The Looks we Will Recreate Today

Look 1

I keep it no secret that Canadian Blogger, M’C Kenneth Licon (AKA: Little Fashionisto) is one of my all time favourite Lookbooker’s. As well as always appearing extremely sharp and fashion forward in everything he posts, Little Fashionisto completely obliterates any misconceptions that only tall, model-like frames can pull off high fashion, as Little Fashionisto is in fact only 5ft 1″ tall. In this outfit he exhibits bold colours EXACTLY the way they should be done. The Raspberry coloured trousers act as the focal point of the outfit meaning everything else will need to work around these. However, cleverly matching a scarf that holds some subtle shades of a similar colour palette is the perfect accessory to compliment the Raspberry and a great way to balance out the colour on your body. But this is where the colour should stop, exactly as he has done.

Everything else in this look needs to remain very neutral, almost acting as a backdrop for the bold colours used. On trend Loafers are the most casual a shoe you would want to put with this outfit (although sandals would also definitely work). Guys teaming scruffy plimsolls or trainers with a nicely put together outfit is something I see far too often and it completely ruins the look. He has included a retro print shirt to add a bit of a pattern/texture to the look, but the colour is still kept very neutral to avoid clashing with the scarf. Circular Sunglasses are a big eyewear trend this season but unfortunately not everyone will be able to pull them off. Luckily a classic Clubmaster or Wayfarer would work just as well though.

Finally, the stone Trench Coat completes the look by acting as the perfect neutral backdrop for the colour used. If there were one piece of outerwear I would suggest any man to go out and buy right now, it would be a stone Trench Coat. Smart, casual, practical, trendy, flattering… seriously, go and buy one NOW!

Get The Look
  • White Spread Collar Shirt
  • Liberty Print Self Tie Bow Tie
  • ASOS Keyhole Contrast Arm Sunglasses
  • Forgotten Future Cord Trouser
  • ASOS Long Mac
Look 2

The reason I love this look so much is simply because Dennis Robles has demonstrated a perfect example of what accessories really can do for an outfit. If you take away the Umbrella, Necklace, Boat Shoes, Sunglasses and Holdall, you have lost all essence (as well as the majority of clothing) from the look and this young chap just looks like any other daydreamer in chino’s and a cardigan. Again, by keeping his clothing very neutral in colour and not overly fussy in style, it has given him the freedom to really play around with his accessories (which don’t always have to exactly match as Dennis has demonstrated).

Also, the chances of walking down the street donning an outfit similar to this and spotting someone wearing exactly the same ensemble are extremely slim. This makes the look feel unique and shows you know exactly how to add those small, but ever so important details. A good quality Holdall is an absolute must for any man for this, and going into next season.

Get The Look
  • Paul Smith Jeans Classic Fit Chambray Shirt
  • Diesel 'Only The Brave' Pendant Necklace
  • Retrosuperfuture W Sunglasses
  • Stone Cotton Skinny Chinos
  • ASOS Tri-Colour Leather Boat Shoes
  • Hobo Leather Tote Bag
Editor Outro

Due to the length (images/pictures/text) of the article and the explanation behind each outfit, we have decided to split this feature over 2 days. So I hoped you enjoyed the first part of Ashley’s take on the LOOKBOOK.NU phenomenon and his featured looks. So what do YOU think? Feel free to add you own suggestions in the comments below and I am really interested to know whether you think that these amazing looks can be pulled off by the everyday male, especially now we have shown there are similar items you can get your hands on today in order to produce a near replica of each outfit.

Does it take more than this? Do you need to have a particular personality to pull off outfits like this? Or can you “fake it until you make it”? I am truly interested in what our readers think about the subject as a whole.

Also please feel free to comment on your favourite looks and why (they do not have to be featured today simply link to them on, as I will be doing a reader input article very soon showcasing all the chosen looks with my take on them all.

Check Back for Part 2 tomorrow!