Editor Introduction

So yesterday we featured 2 of Ashley Cover’s favourite outfits from LookBook.nu, the reasons behind them and how to get a similar look using items available online right now. This is the second part of his lookbook featuring another 2 looks which we hope you will enjoy. We had some great reader feedback yesterday and hope to continue it today in order to get a bit of interaction and debate going:

Are these looks accessible and easy enough to pull off by the “stereotypical male”? Or is this the point and you need to have some individuality and flair to be a true style icon and avoid blending in with the crowd? Are the limiting beliefs of most males that they can’t pull off these types of look what is holding them back from their true potential?

I want to know YOUR THOUGHTS…

Ashley Introduction

Every so often here on Fashionbeans, an article is posted that causes quite a stir amongst readers and even some of the writers. The latest episode of controversy came from Feature Writer Luke Todd and his LOOKBOOK lookbook article. Now personally, I hold a lot of respect for Luke for choosing the looks that he chose. He could have quite easily picked the most commercial of looks, containing garments widely available online making his re-creations of the looks pretty straight forward and would have more than likely ensured a good few “safe” positive comments, but he didn’t. Luke chose a few of the ‘not so obvious’ looks which he personally loves for one reason or another and hoped to maybe inspire a few of you to try a brand new trend. Well, it is now time for me to call upon myself to stick my two-penneth in and submit my own LOOKBOOK lookbook article under exactly the same principles. Some may call me stupid, some may call me naive, but I personally just think I love a good challenge!

Please note: I have altered some of the looks slightly as we are limited to what is available online.

The Looks

The LOOKBOOK.NU Looks we are going to recreate and break down today


As edgy as this look may appear, it is in fact a very timeless ensemble. As long as Rock/Indie/Metal music has a following, Punk inspired looks will always remain popular. Yet again, the accessories play a big part in creating uniqueness for Curtis Y’s look. The amazing studded shoes (which are actually a women’s shoe from Soap Fashion) being teamed with a close enough matching Holdall Bag are a hit combination. However, I think this look really comes together where Curtis introduces tailoring. The charcoal trousers are a great contrast against the shoes; they are fitted to perfection (as does the leather jacket may I add) and really add a slightly more ‘grown-up’, and thankfully ‘non-Emo’ feel to the overall look. Tailored shorts or Hareem pants would also look very nice incorporated into the outfit.

Get The Look
  • Diesel Lahampos Studded Leather Jacket
  • Black Classic Reader Specs
  • Neil Barrett Slim Woven Trousers
  • Black Leather Holdall

If you have just come across all D?j?-vu-like, fear not, you aren’t gong mad. I felt I HAD to use another look from Little Fashionisto for 2 reasons. 1) As I have previously stated, this is one of my all time favourite Lookbookers and as I am the one writing this article, I can get away with pulling stunts like this. 2) He has done SO many things right with this look it I just had to share my thoughts. Ok, firstly the trousers. As I have also already mentioned. Little Fashionisto is of a very slight build being only 5ft 1″ tall and fitting into a men’s XXS. The high waist on his trousers lengthens his legs by inches and the pleats have added extra inches to his waist. The horizontal stripes on the t-shirt add bulk to his torso and the open Stone Trench (surely I’ve convinced you to buy one by now?) splits up his frame nicely.

One BIG thing that I am so happy that Little Fashionisto has done, and something I probably only see around 10% of men doing… TUCKING YOUR SHIRT IN! It is the perfect opportunity to show off how well that belt matches, compliments or fashionably clashes with your outfit as well as giving yourself a slightly more sophisticated appearance. Even if you are of a slightly heavier set build, swap the striped tee for a v-neck t-shirt or open neck shirt (which could very easily be layered with knitwear in winter months), leaving it untucked if you have a bit of a belly and opt for a lower rise jean. Done. Such a simple, classical, nautical inspired look that consists of items sure to work with any wardrobe in numerous ways. If you find yourself as intrigued as I am by Little Fashionisto’s style, be sure to check out a recent interview with him at our friend’s Brigherman’s blog.

Get The Look
  • Navy Block Stripe Crew T-Shirt
  • Stone Packable Trench Coat
  • Ray-Ban Original Clubmaster Sunglasses
  • J Lindeberg Wovener Braided Leather Belt
  • Tim Hamilton Redux Chino
  • ASOS Tassel Loafers