The Modern Man's Mantra
The Mantra of Arrogance:

Many assume it to be a product of French invention; as it remains, arrogance is still an arrogant subject.

I want to arrogate to myself the ability to mantra an indispensable guide of modern man, modern accord, modern modernism(?), in a post millennium setting. The Buddhists won’t let me. Does my want rather than the self-proclaimed ability to, restore any lost humility?

The Mantra of Social Acceptability:

There currently circulates six thousand, eight hundred and ninety-two stagnant books professing their gentlemanly principles to the congregate; all of who show an affronted yet unified insight into all that is ‘socially acceptable’. Swearing is growing into ‘social acceptance’, but I’m more likely to slap you upside the head for your desertion of formal neckwear at a wedding, than I am if you scream the C word over Sunday roast.

The Mantra of Modernism:

Being a man; being alive is an all singing all dancing affair in the 21st century and it is harder than every before that is ever before us (read it sixteen times and it will appear logical). Ration books ushered men towards the weekly requirements of food shopping with the occasional nudge and a wink towards to zinnias for girl. Today it is nothing short of ‘nam, and a certificated relationship ender, if the yoghurt you bought fails to possess the fat-free, dairy repellent, calorie-burning powers of Superman or Jesus respectively.

The Mantra of Opinions:

You’re in avoidance at all times of sharing your earnest opinions about any given premise for fear of slipping down the echelons of a rarefied social circle. You pretend David Cameron is your best mate at the water cooler, even to your boss, but dare not mention his name to Pete down the pub who thinks he’s a right t*sser. In any case your opinions are falling on the wrong side of correctness and need to be adjusted and ratified to the ‘socially acceptable’ way of discourse.

The Mantra of a Love Interest:

Wooing any side of the gender spectrum requires a dissertation of do’s, don’ts and tries at your own risks. You can no longer wolf whistle and have the ladies swoon; you’ll be closer to getting listed under some ‘order’ or register than to the private booth of a restaurant. You tell a girl she has nice ‘pins’ and you’ll get an eight-hour lecture on why she thinks they’re fat. It probably rattles down to the fact you’re a t*sser and bought the wrong yoghurt.
Now you’ve been thrown into the same basket as that Cameron bloke.

The Mantra of Aesthetics:

Make no mistake, creep around or cower away from the reality of being judged solely on everything you don’t do, say or act on. Everything boils down to the relative aesthetic you leave behind or approach your appearance with. Entering a situation wearing your gym shoes outside of their adorning area and you are fighting a losing battle. You could proclaim your support for a racist welsh political party and you’d be no worse off than wearing a string bag with your suit.

You can pronounce a Vedic hymn if you like, your shoes still aren’t the right colour, there’s still a line/boundary/rule you’ve failed to adhere to with your scarf; and if you work with in a pretentious industry, why aren’t you doing better/dressed sharper/decorated in something more expensive than your car/house or salary?

The New Man’s Mantra:

Staying in accordance with the outlook I’ve given you: it’s your own fault not to have noticed these faults of modern living already. Maybe you’re to blame anyway and somehow you screwed it up for the rest of us?

Regardless of omitting any optimism from the get go; you’ve sat and read, you’ve nodded in agreement at the most parts but you’ve developed a ploy to dodge every foolish parlay in the above.

If I were to mantra the hedonistic lifestyle of modern man, pulling lattés out of thin air and occasionally checking for time, all I would have done is create a façade and justification for a further few of these arrogant sorts.

Once you have read a piece like this, it is important to take no notice of it whatsoever. At least not in anything but passive agreement. Do not study, nor reference, do not pedal nor preach. If you try to achieve everything, you’ll achieve nothing. You’ll take what you need.
History is stained with the few lacking capacity. I’m sure this isn’t through lack of trying but by far the opposite.
Do not judge by the socially acceptable, do not measure or weigh-in by scale.
Maintain yourself along the generic lines of normality: you tie your shoes in the morning, cats do not belong in wheelie bins etc.

You don’t have to thank me, or anyone for anything taught or learnt.

Luke Barrett Todd.

Editor Epilogue

Now I already know that after reading Luke's tongue in cheek look at what the modern male has to deal with on an everyday basis, a lot of you will be thinking “what has this got to do with fashion?”, or something similar. Well as a generalisation, everything he has stated above will either sculpt the man you grow up to be (for the younger readers) or has probably contributed to the man you are today.

In the modern world we are governed by more and more rules, social norms, opinions, and the like than ever before. It is literally a mine field that we tip toe around each and everyday trying to stay on the right side of what is 'normal'. In a world that is becoming more and more obsessed by looks, we now put so much unfair pressure on ourselves to conform that males have just as many eating disorders as women and the number is on the rise. You may not think men are as fussy as women when it comes to “I can't eat that it has a high GI” crap, but many of you (myself included) are on strict 6 meals a day diets and add supplements of some kind; whether it be simple protein shakes/creatines/vitamins or something more sinister like growth hormones or steroids. Our obsession with having the biggest and best body/car/house/clothes has got out of hand and it boils down to the fact that we stopped trying to please just ourselves and instead let our emotions and ego become dependant on outside validation from society.

I hope if you are a regular reader of this site, then you will notice that although we give fashion advice to the masses, we all actively encourage you to find what works for YOU. No-one else, just you. The people who stand out in fashion and considered to have great style are those that know who they are and make a look their own. When I have interviewed said individuals they all have one thing in common: they have all experimented with their clothing… and failed. You can learn so much by your mistakes, but due to aforementioned external influences less and less of us are inclined to take a risk for fear of standing out. But those who do stand out and are individuals are remembered fellas… life is too short to just blend in.

Reader Feedback

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