Editor Note: Make-up for men has always been a controversial topic that I wanted to cover but I couldn’t do it justice as I didn’t know much about it or used it myself. However this is a great introduction by our new writer Robert, so I expect it to cause a marmite reaction between you all. We should all be open to new ideas to improve our appearance and self confidence so go into it with an open mind and PLEASE LET US KNOW YOUR OPINION in the comments. Cheers Guys, Ben

MAKE UP with your face

If you’re the man that made best friends with Jack Daniels the night before and woke up wishing you’d never met, you’re probably going to need more than a shower to get you back to normal. The mirror isn’t lying, your under eye bags are big enough to go home improvement shopping and then some. Sound familiar? It’s time to make up with your face.

We could say male make up is actually a combination of ‘facial improvement cosmetics’. That’s a little GQ 2009. Here at FashionBeans we don’t want to insult your intelligence and we know you’re man enough to deal with it… It’s make up and it can improve your look if applied correctly.

What to use and how to use it

This is entirely dependent on three things. Your style, your skin and your confidence. For example, If you’re going for the out of bed, I’ve just pulled (again) and I don’t give a sh*t look, you’re not going to care too much about that perfect bronzed touch.

Start off with your daily skin care regime (try FashionBeans grooming articles for advice and tips). After application of a good moisturiser you’re ready to go. If you think about your moisturiser as a base, and without it, just, no.

After moisturiser, look at your skin. What don’t you like about it? Make up is all about perfecting the less than perfect. As a general guide here, we’re going to show you how to achieve the natural look, that is, without looking like you have any make up on.


Say you have a few red spots, uneven skin tone, dark eye circles and you’re looking a little rough round the edges. Start off with a foundation. Again, like a moisturiser, using it as a base. This sounds daunting, and the last think you want is to cake it on your face.

Apply a rice grain sized amount to the imperfection and blend ONLY on the affected area. Remember less is more with every aspect of application. As a general rule, if it looks like you could apply more, you’ve applied enough. Foundations can be tricky to match with your skin tone. Try foundations that adapt to your skin’s natural tone, giving you some room either side to get the colour wrong. (Try Dior Icone for colourless foundation shown below).

MAX FACTOR COLOUR ADAPT FOUNDATION NATURAL SHADE 70 No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation Diorskin Icône Photo Perfect Creme To Powder Makeup

The concealer is next in line. It sits on top of the foundation base and actually covers the imperfection. There are loads to choose from, but the best ones in my opinion are liquid based as you can easily choose the amount to apply. Again a rice grain sized amount and remember to match the colour to your natural skin tone:

Clinique Anti Blemish concealer Concealing Spot Treatment 15ml Clinique 1.4ml M cover all skin types


Vivienne Westwood designed a famous tee with huge lips embracing the chest. Why? Because they’re sexy. Do yourself a big favour and get some decent lip lube. Such a simple and inexpensive product, but easily overlooked:

Lip Fuel SPF15 7.5ml Monsieur Lip Balm, 3.5g PALMERS COCOA BUTTER LIP BALM 4G


For the more daring, eyes are a great feature to enhance. The problem guys have 9 times out of 10, it’s over done. Follow these steps to perfect the application:

Firstly, use eye drops that bring out the white in your eyes. Great for a hangover or if you’re exhausted.

Optrex Eyedew Dazzling eye drops


  • Get your hands on a sharp black eyeliner, preferably not waterproof (can be a nightmare for removal).
  • Only apply to the bottom part of the eye. Pull the eyelid down and draw a line above where the eyelashes join. This part of your eyelid is fairly moist so keep going over it until a solid black line is complete.
  • Looking into the mirror, you should have noticeably bolder eyes! This is not the look we’re going for.
  • With your finger, attempt to remove most of the eyeliner, leaving an extremely thin line. Now, it should be barely noticeable. Remember less is more and if it looks like your wearing it, remove!

Men's Kohl Eyeliner - Black Monsieur Brow Definer Pencil, 1.2g Max Factor Kohl Eye Liner Pencil

Try experimenting with the techniques given and apply more or less depending on the look you want to go for. Good luck! FashionBeans accepts no responsibility for you becoming overly vain and arrogant with your new found beauty. All products recommended have been personally tested by the writer.

Robert Michael G.

*Perfection is dull. Aspiring for perfection is more fun.