The Summer Preppy Fashion Trend

Summer is now truly here and it is now time to really start focusing on your summer style and looks you want to achieve over the high summer. Whatever your personal style is, have you considered the Americana trend inspired preppy look? This classic look has been around forever but each year it gets a new twist. It is a comfortable but elegant look which utilises many of the key pieces and colours for this summer, whilst allowing you to modify it easily for your personal tastes.

This theme of clothing originates to the East coast American style of dress that was popular amongst men in the 1980’s. It’s also got links to the ‘Ivy league’ style of dressing which was big amongst the wealthier and more educated, such as the guys that went to Harvard and Yale who wore those single breasted suits which dominated the fashion scene in 1957/8.

Luckily for us, nowadays you don’t have to be posh to wear preppy clothes. The vast range of clothes available make it an easily accessible trend. It’s all about bright chinos, tailored blazers, and baseball jackets. This trend is wearable, comfortable and stylish. The perfect summer look.

Look Book Inspiration

So first I want to show you the amount of variety that is possible within this look. You don’t have to go full on Preppy or Ivy League this year, but by simply adding great statement pieces it means you can give a subtle nod to the trend whilst still maintaining your own personal style. Images courtesy of

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The 5 Key Items

Below you will find the 5 key items that you can use to add a touch of prep to your outfits this year. For colours you should look to the bright and bold pastel shades and also white which are all massive colour trends this year and PERFECT for summer clothing. When the light catches these tones they really stand out and look amazing.

The Cardigan

Great to keep you warm and stylish when you’re having a barbecue and it gets chilly, or that sun disappears by the probable cloud cover.

Upper Cream Cricket CardiganFranklin & Marshall KNMR810 Navy CardiganUniforms For The Dedicated Benjamin Heedle Cardi

Tailored blazer

For more formal occasions or even just going to the pub, a tailored blazer is perfect to achieve the classic ‘Rat Pack’ look, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Salzburg JacketByard 9075-L68W White JacketGREY JERSEY SKINNY FIT JACKET

Bright Chinos

A welcomed twist to the classic beige chino, bright chinos give a quirkier option. Perfect to match with the cardigans above and helps you get the desired look.

[Ed – Check out my Chino Look Book for some ideas about how to use bold chino colours]

Red Skinny ChinosBen Sherman Marina ChinosVelour Baggy Chinos

Baseball Jacket

A more casual form of being preppy, a baseball jacket gives the right balance in between smart and casual. You can choose your favourite from the vast range on offer to fit your personal style.

[Ed – See Ashley’s Article Last week for an in depth look]

Grey Knitted Bomber JacketG-Star Helicopter Baseball SweaterASOS Baseball Sweat Jacket

Tailored Shorts

To maintain the smarter look, tailored shorts give you the cooler option. When it’s too hot for chinos, shorts are a great shout. Smart and cool give you the best summer preppy look.

[Ed- See the latest collections here and my personal look book here]

Unconditional Drop Crotch Shorts In Cotton Metal DrillBALLAD BLUE TAILORED SHORTSPastel Pink Smart Shorts

These are the five key items that you’ll can use to give you that desired preppy look this season. The Preppy look is so manageable, practical and stylish, and with this quick guide it should be effortless to achieve.