What is Style
Have some style

Style – what does that mean? To most men it means high end, high priced and highly unattainable. When did this happen? Style should be a mind set, a feeling that you have when you wake up. Look at some of the best dressed men of all time, and I mean the classic trend setters; such Steve McQueen, James Dean or more recently Tom Ford. But wait, Tom Ford you ask? He always wear high end, high priced clothing you say. Take another look, and really think about it. Yes he wears mostly (or all the time) very expensive items, but he designs these things. This is his mind, his feeling. He cared so much about his ideas he made them happen. Now not everyman has the design/clothing talent of a Tom ford, but try to believe that everyman should have his own style.

You don’t need to wear the same thing everyday, like some famous designer we know (Karl Lagerfeld), but for god’s sake have some confidence in your thoughts and choices. We have come to live in a world where the average bloke can wear what he wants, when he wants. We should be taking every chance we get to express ourselves now before the conservative society comes to rule again. Introduce some colour, different cuts and fabrics. Choices are more available now then ever, and for the right price. Take your time and shop around, and do not just purchase the first item you see. Also look for quality and don’t be afraid to learn what different fabrics work best for certain seasons. In the end you will be glad you did, because the more confident and comfortable in your personal choices, the better you will look in any attire you shall choose.

Now I assume that most readers of this site understand this concept, and for those of you that do, please don’t be the fashionable friend who laughs or snickers at another for trying new styles. Be helpful, for we all could benefit from a society with more people who are not afraid to represent their feelings through their style. To those who are the ones that are afraid, or maybe even just cynical of trying new things, please just consider pushing yourself. Present yourself they way you want to, but in a quality way. A plain white t-shirt and nicely fitted trousers or jeans can go along way (just check out our keeping fashion simple article). Then when you get comfortable with that maybe add some colour or flair with a scarf, hat or tailored jacket. Also please don’t hesitate to find a tailor, we are not all built to fit what is on the racks, but that’s another article all together.

Everyone should take some time to surf the web and look at some style icons, past and present. See how they all do not wear ridiculously priced things, but will look well put together and confident. Yes some may have stylists, but those are the non-confident ones. Even in these ever changing times we take style/fashion inspiration from someone like Steve McQueen – and trust me he did not have a stylist – but it just goes to show how minimal and well tailored is a timeless look which you can be totally confident in. If you are to take anything away from this I hope it is this: style is a feeling, do not let it go ignored. And remember simple basics can go a very long way.


Simple Basics

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Upgrade Basics

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For The Confident

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