The Very Best Hair Products on Earth… So Far

If like me, you always want the very best products for your hair, or you just like to swap and change a bit from time to time, keeping on top of the latest releases and experimenting is crucial. However, changing your hair products can sometimes become a necessity; your haircut or hairstyle might alter dramatically, so you need to change the type of styling or conditioning product you use. Whatever the situation, it’s always good to be equipped with some knowledge on which products are going to make your hair look good and not just add to the décor of your bathroom.

Coming Clean

OK, I can already hear the cries of “how can you single out six of the best products when you regularly recommend many different ones in each article you write?” Well, the easiest way to explain myself is this; like the stereotypical male, I have a preference when it comes to women (or men if you are so inclined) – I prefer blondes but that doesn’t mean that redheads and brunettes don’t turn my head. It’s just that if you asked me to give a preference then blonde would be my answer. Likewise, I currently drive a Smart car but in the past have owned (and preferred) a Porsche; it’s just that the Smart fits my needs and what I want from a car at the moment, and as sad as it may seem I really love it.

So my recommendations are part experience and expertise, knowing that the products I suggest will do the job well, whilst the other part is personal preference or opinion. I also have to bear in mind that readers of this site will have different budgetary requirements, so there needs to be a varied range of brands and price to suit everyone. That’s why I feel I can give you a top six choice of products of the moment, as well as recommend others on a regular basis. And unlike top marquee cars, blondes, brunettes and redheads, I’ve sampled many, many hair products.

My Top Six Hair Products
#6: Kérastase Homme Bain Capital Force Densifying Shampoo

The name is a bit of a mouthful but this truly is great product – a fantastic shampoo all round. Keratase is a long established brand that is part of the L’Oreal family, so be assured that this is a life changing product which has had some serious research put into it over many years. It is designed to improve the appearance of the hair mass and restore its vitality; this is definitely for you if your hair is on the finer side and tends to be hard to control, flyaway or sometimes dull.

After regular use over 2-3 weeks your hair will be much more manageable, have lustre and look super fit. If you use every time you shampoo for life, then you will have the hair of a God.

#5: Label.m Leave-In Conditioner

Great if you’re feeling a bit bone idle, or you just want manageable healthy looking hair without too much effort. If that sounds like you and your lifestyle, then this is a product you shouldn’t avoid. Just in case it is a priority for you, it also smells pretty good – but so do all label.m products. If you have very thick textured hair (and lots of it) then this is ideal, but if you don’t then don’t worry as it’s designed for all hair types.

The best tip I can give you is to not be heavy handed with it; a little goes a long way. You can, if you wish, use a regular rinse out conditioner in addition to this leave in; this may be necessary if you have a particular hair or scalp care issue.

#4: Geo F Trumper Hair Pomade

A true traditional styling product, by one of the longest established male grooming experts, Geo F. The pomade is somewhere between a styling and conditioning product. It is slightly more oily than your average pomade but it gives excellent control, particularly for sleeker styles. It has the added benefit of taking care of the scalp at the same time, and can be used on all hair types. Feels and smells top draw.

#3: Redken For Men Cool Finish Conditioner

This really is a multi-talented product, a bit of a superhero with super powers. Firstly, it is from the long established Redken brand, who set the bar for quality scientific hair products back when most other manufacturers were producing conditioners with so much animal fat or synthetic oils it would create a head oil slick of apocalyptic proportions.

Apart from its pedigree, it has a mint ingredient which gives a cool invigorating sensation to the scalp; ideal for waking you up after a big night out, cooling down on a hot day, or I’ve been told its very good as a body massage lotion – although that’s not official! It is quoted as being effective on all hair and scalp types, and in my opinion it’s a definite one to keep nearby.

#2: Redken for Men Shine Form Defining Wax

Again a fantastic styling product from Redken. This is a soft but mouldable wax which can be re-moulded throughout the day. Due to it being a pliable soft wax, I find it ideal for both soft texture definition and slightly more sleeker styles. One of its best features is that it feels very clean in the hair and shampoos out easily.

Use this on all hair textures – except very fine hair – and it can also be used on all hair lengths if you want definition with shine.

#1 Hairbond Sculptor Hair Putty

I personally use this daily at the moment and I can’t stop singing its praises; many of my male clients use and love it, so I had to make number one. Even though it is designed to give a light hold to the hair, it will hold most styles – I’ve been sporting a quiff these past 6 months or so and it has been perfect.

Apply a thumbnail sized amount of the product to your hand and rub between your palms and fingers. Push through the hair and shape or style and that is literally it. Not only does it do the job brilliantly, the packaging is some of the best I seen. The pot is huge and resembles thick cut glass, it is very manly and could easily take over from the big glass ashtray as the random movie weapon of choice.

This is a light perfumed styling product which is pleasant and doesn’t need a environmental health warning. Ideal for defining texture on all hair types, slicking the hair or just light control. With more sculpted slicked back hair for men emerging this year (and continuing next) this will be a popular choice and my current number one.

The Top 6
  • Kérastase Homme Bain Capital Force Densifying Effect Daily Treatment Shampoo 250mlKérastase Homme Bain Capital Force Densifying Effect Daily Treatment Shampoo 250ml
  • Label.m Leave-in ConditionerLabel.m Leave-in Conditioner
  • Geo F Trumper – Trumper PomadeGeo F Trumper - Trumper Pomade
  • Redken For Men Cool Finish Invigorating Conditioner 300mlRedken For Men Cool Finish Invigorating Conditioner 300ml
  • Redken For Men Shine Form Defining Wax 75mlRedken For Men Shine Form Defining Wax 75ml
  • Hairbond Sculptor Professional Hair Putty 100mlHairbond Sculptor Professional Hair Putty 100ml
Look Book

Finally, as always, here are some of my current favourite looks for men I have seen recently. All of these are achievable using the products I have recommended today:

Men's Hairstyles Look Book 2011