AllSaints + Fetish Wear – The Key Pieces

The AllSaints 2012 spring/summer collection is something I have been slowly and unknowingly introducing into my wardrobe over the past month or so. As many avid fashion followers will know by now, fetish wear is set to be huge next S/S and the trend giant of the high-street is of course going to be part of this.

AllSaints are like the base pillar for many a man’s wardrobe – city-dwelling student men if you want to be picky. Call them hipsters/cliché/shepherds as a friend of mine has dubbed them; they truly do provide some undeniably beautiful pieces.

I say the collection ‘unknowingly introduced itself into my wardrobe’ because I was always afraid to shop in AllSaints – now I’m expecting an invite to the next CEO meeting as one of the largest shareholders. I kid. The reason I never wanted to shop there is because I feared leaving the store and immediately spotting at least four other guys wearing the outfit I had just blown a couple of hundred on. Now I realise my entire outfit does not need to be unique to me, I just need to style it how I want. Millions of men go to work every day in a black suit and white shirt; yet I bet you would struggle to find two wearing the same tie in the same office.

The point of this first section is to cast all mis-preconceptions about AllSaints aside, as I’m aware many FashionBeans regulars have a strong distaste towards what they stand for.

Now for the fun part – The key pieces I love, blew my rent money on, and still need to purchase.

  • Tonic Vest
  • Gridd Crew
  • Mast Biker Jacket
  • Ballast Mace Shorts
  • Coleman Tote
  • Crush Sandal

Everything above, bar the jacket and bag, now comfortably sits in my wardrobe. After a few weeks without food, alcohol or electricity, perhaps the rest will too. I may have also purchased the vest somewhere else; there comes a time when you just have to say no to spending £20 on half a t-shirt! These are all key pieces I believe can be worn together, or are versatile enough to be worked into other outfits.

The collection starts at a mere £20 and ranges up to £350. For staple pieces in your wardrobe that can be worn time and time again head over to AllSaints to start shopping next season’s look.

  • Tuition Blazer
  • Filter Chino
  • Filter Chino
  • Freeman Messanger Bag

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