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Continuing in their ongoing expansion into branded clothing, Topman has dropped a new collection by East London brand And Now Wee.

And Now Wee’s inspiration for their designs comes from the cultural heritage of East London, as well as its surroundings.

The collection – which is predominantly made up of graphic tees and sweatshirts – is a must have for anyone who likes to bring a sense of fun to their wardrobe. The range retails between £35 for t-shirts and £50 for sweatshirts.

The playful designs utilise iconic figures such as the Queen, Obama and Steve McQueen to name a few, as well injecting bold accent colours in order to create unique and adventurous prints which stand out – real statement pieces. At the moment the t-shirts only come in white, with sweatshirts only available in grey.

The great thing about the graphic sweatshirts is that they feature many of the same prints found on the t-shirts. This is perfect for when the weather gets colder, as you are still able to get the full effect from these statement prints. The t-shirts would produce an interesting take on smart-casual this season when paired underneath a blazer, whilst the sweatshirts are a trend piece within their own right that look great stripped back and paired with just a pair of jeans, cords or chinos.

Attention to detail and high quality control has gone into the production of this collection, with the finest inks and screen printing processes being utilised to ensure that the prints withstand wash after wash. It gives you the confidence to know that colours will not fade and become dull after just a few wears.

Stand out from the crowd and make a real statement this season. To shop the collection now head over to the official site And Now Wee or Topman now.

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