Archer Adams London

Archer Adams is more than a label. It’s the paraphernalia of any given gentleman by modern definition. Their shop in London’s affluent Marylebone stocks more British eclectivity than you can shake a monocle at.

As a label, they do what any Brit does. They never take the easy option (maybe that’s our downfall). They use difficult to find cloth and original prints from small mills to push the classic Archer Adams signature.

It’s a brand to be utilised by the unassumingly brave, the dapper and not to mention, the eccentric. “Unbeholden to 'trends' and the tyranny of forced 'fashion' cycles, the Archer Adams label is positioned at the far opposite end of the mass market. Instead, the brand is aimed at confident individualists — stylish men who are thinkers and researchers seeking to gain access to something genuinely unique, and of uncompromising quality.”

Exclusive: Battersea Wallet

Archer Adams is excited to present The “Battersea” Shell Cordovan & Horsehair Cloth Wallet. Remember what we said about never taking the easy option?

Hand-made-in-London of precious materials – shell cordovan horsehide with horse hair cloth inserts, this may very well be a world's first.

The wallet, lined in horseide and red satin, is as much of an investment as the investments it will pay for. A perfect sized wallet for a back pocket or inside jacket breast pocket. With four different material combinations, it’s difficult not to get carried away and buy enough to pair with each suit passing.

This original and unique design is available at the eponymous Archer Adams flagship store in fashionable Marylebone and at the Archer Adams online shop.