Bjørg Jewellery AW11 Collection

Jewellery designer Bjørg has released a new collection specifically for the autumn/winter 2011 season. This season, items from the collection have been inspired from Native American Mythology, El Dorado and Eden.

As we browsed the latest range, the three pieces which caught our attention were the Odyssey Howling at the Moon Claw Knuckle Ring, After Eden Spine Ring and the After Eden Spine Cuff.

The After Eden series features skeletal properties, with both the ring and cuff shape aiming to resemble a ribcage and backbone. The ring features 5 ribs and the cuff features 11 ribs as it is on a larger scale. Both of these pieces are available in silver and are perfect for any of you who like that edgy rocker or fashion forward look.

The Howling at the Moon series includes rings which resemble claws. The Odyssey Howling at the Moon Claw Knuckle Ring is a large double claw in a gold plated bronze. It is apparent throughout the collection that attention to detail and high quality construction techniques have gone into producing each and every one of these items. The range is full of statement pieces that are sure to add some individuality to any of your looks, and they also have a very masculine aesthetic due to the choice of materials used – very important when purchasing men’s jewellery.

Head over to Oki-ni to get your hands on these one of a kind pieces and to shop the entire collection. These would make perfect Christmas gifts this year as they are something you would get continued daily use out of and could become a trademark of your personal style.

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Bjørg A/W11 Jewellery Collection

Bjørg Odyssey Howling at the Moon Claw Knuckle Ring

Bjørg After Eden Spine Ring

Bjørg After Eden Spine Cuff