Laurel and Hardy’s the world over will flock to find fashion advice that will put to rest worries of a misshapen wardrobe. But whether you’re tall and skinny, or short and a little more rotund respectively; there are a myriad of fashion choices you could be making to help you become more comfortable and confident with your body.


Turn your head to tailoring, arguably not an alternative but more of a requisite. Ever the essential – especially when it comes to suits – tailoring plays a huge part in the man’s wardrobe every season, or at least it should by any definition of formal attire. A man’s style should, all at once, be as progressive as it is reliable.

Many years of my childhood were spent with eyes, green from envy, at how tall everybody else my age was. Thankfully, genetics favoured me with a well overdue growth spurt in the latter of my teenage years. For those who were not gifted with an elongated, or slender or particularly defined frame, appearing, as it were, is easier than you may think.

There are three questions you should ask yourself before purchasing any suit:

  • Is the suit well made? – No untidy stitching or loose cotton.
  • Does it fit you comfortably? – If the waist is a little tight or the sleeves or legs a little short, any run of the mill tailor can resolve this at a fairly cheap cost.
  • Does it suit you? – If you err on the edge of the other of your two minds even for a minute, chances are you won’t feel any different after forking over the contents of your wallet. Ensure you’re confident that you can see yourself wearing the suit for its pertaining occasion before investing what can amount to some serious money into it.
Body Shaping With Suits

Suits not only adds finesse to your look – the ‘va va voom’ of the wardrobe world – but it also shapes the body to appear more structured, with clean, sharp edged shoulders and expertly framing, fitted trousers.

Tailoring is a sartorial option every affording man should take up. For the man who wants clothes to fit his body in the effort to flaunt what he already has or guise what he hasn’t (or perhaps that should be the other way around), pay attention now.

Thinner Frames

Buying fitted clothes – with the ethos of accentuating your body shape – will make you appear lengthier. Avoid being lost under an abundance of material, keep all your layering in proportion. Using block colouring in addition can add further height in an instant.

Wider Frames

If you carry a little extra weight then block colouring works for you in a different way. You will need to create the impression you are straight up and down by donning a straight-legged pair of trousers that don’t hug your thighs. For the suit jacket, go for something with a cinched waist but plenty of give in the front so you don’t risk firing a strained button across the office.

Product Picks:
  • Black Tailored Fit Dinner Suit
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Tailored Lookbook

Body Sculpting Underwear

A new line of underwear recently released in Asda stores has been dubbed the ‘Manx’ range. In line with their female counterpart named ‘Spanx’, the underwear is a new extreme, as some men would consider it. The underwear is designed to hold in unsightly beer bellies and mask unwanted thunder thighs to reveal a slimmer physique.

We certainly see the benefits of appearing a few pounds lighter because, as your waistline decreases, opportunities in other places increase. However, to avoid a Bridget Jones style situation, we suggest slipping these bad boys off before your partner sees them.

  • Andrew Christian Andrew Christian EFX Active Slim Flashback Boxer Trunk White
  • Andrew Christian Andrew Christian EFX Active Slim Show It Brief Black
  • 2(x)-ist 2xist Shape Form Slimming V Neck Tee
  • 2(x)-ist 2(x)-ist Shape Men's Slimming Tank with Inner Compression

Ill-fit is the cardinal of all faux pas. Not only do you know your clothes fail to fit correctly, but anyone with an eye for detail will see the creases across your back, the sleeves that stray just below your elbows and the blood pouring from your deoxygenated waist. Chances are you won’t be a 32” waist or 44” chest in every shop, so try on key investments to save the embarrassing tribulation of trundling towards the refund desk.