Drake’s Bespoke Hand Made Service

In keeping with Savile Row’s tradition of bespoke tailoring, Drakes is now offering a custom hand made tie service to customers.

The bespoke service is available exclusively at their Mayfair store, and allows you to not only choose your desired tie fabric but also the length, width and style. You have the capability to create the perfect tie that you’ve always pictured in your head – yet couldn’t manage to find.

Tie lengths come in a variety of sizes such as:

  • 140 and 144cm in 7 or 8cm widths.
  • 148, 152 and 156cm in 7, 8 or 9cm widths.
  • 160 and 164cm in 8, 9 or 10cm widths.

The biggest selling point of this service has to be the feeling of exclusivity; you can feel confident in the knowledge that you will be the only one walking around with your particular design – making it unique to you and your personal style. This is the perfect solution to standing out in formal or working environments.

Turnaround time is around 2-4 weeks and the cost is £125 per tie.

This service is a welcome addition to the store – perfect timing for that truly unique Christmas present for someone you know (or maybe a little Christmas treat for yourself – after all you probably deserve it right?).

To find out more head over to Drake’s.

Drake’s Bespoke Hand Made Service

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