Brisk Bodega Eminem Trainer Collection Showcase

Eminem has previously worked with popular footwear brand Nike to execute and rework some of their existing and popular models such as the Air Max 1, Air Max 97, Air Max 360 the famous Air Jordan IV, Air Jordan II – as well as many others.

They are always highly sought after collections and strictly limited edition, with only a small amount of units produced in each model. As you can imagine with the fan base this man has around the globe, this makes them extremely difficult to get hold of as they tend to sell out within a matter of minutes.

Eminem and Shady records obviously have a passion for trainers and this is evident in the other collaborations they have been involved with; along with Nike they have also released trainers for Converse and Vans.

For the first time ever, the whole Eminem trainer collection has been showcased at Brisk Bodega. This features every single collaborative effort the man has made with these leading trainer brands.

Brisk Bodega Eminem Trainer Collection Video

Watch the Eminem Trainer Collection video below, which features commentary from Shady Records President Paul Rosenberg.