July Pre-Orders

July 1st doesn’t mean much to many. The odd birthday, the occasional forgotten anniversary and the idiot who runs around the office shouting “pinch, punch”. But for those with a footwear fetish and an eye for style (albeit the other way round is acceptable), it is the chance to pre-order in what plans to be the best summer for footwear thus far.

Summer 2011 will see returning classics from Adidas, New Balance and Nike hit the shelves masquerading in all new colours and combos. More than 50 new trainer styles hit End Clothing’s newly created pre-orders section this week, with more promised for the start of each month.

Secure the style you want by visiting End Clothing or, if you’re yet to decide, take a look at some of the July pre-orders below and let us know which trainers you’ll be putting your name down for in the comment section.