Assistant Editor Introduction:

Hi Luke, here’s another trend prediction. Excuse me for pulling out the daring ones… I hope it’s okay! Obviously it was very hard to find product picks, as most stores haven’t adopted this trend yet. However, I managed to find some lookbookers that showed you can pull off the crop top without baring your abs, or lack of them in some cases! Kieron.

Trends quickly labelled irreverent come and go faster than an English summer or an Essex girlfriend. Men in Uggs never caught on, you were never caught dead in floral and meggings were a laughable affair right? Wrong.

It took the fashion forward to show that skinny jeans are not the same as wearing your other half’s bedazzled sorts – not with her in knowledge anyway – and it took a long walk to prove the earth wasn’t flat. See where I’m going with this?



It’s a new year for all of us, but most importantly it’s a new year for fashion. With previews of spring/summer collections flocking to the anticipated trend followers, it’s often little effort to see future trends. But there is one none of us saw coming!

Now, it is clearly known that fashion repeats itself but usually whilst abiding by the rules of each gender. With my first article based on waist control it was just testing the limits on those rules but now it seems as though this next trend has adhered to the concept of transcending gender altogether.

I guess if you weren’t a fan of the waist trend then you could try this as a solution, don’t worry about tucking your garments under a belt because with this trend the garment won’t reach your belt; no matter how hard you slouch. If you haven’t guessed it by now…

Crop Tops on the Runways
Calvin Klein S/S 2011

Crop Tops At Calvin Klein S/S 2011

Christopher Shannon S/S 2011

Crop Tops At Christopher Shannon S/S 2011

Crop top? Crop top for men? The Mop top

The bold idea has been expressed by two designers, from two opposite ends of the fashion spectrum.

Calvin Klein, our well-loved and notorious designer, took the plunge in beaconing this new trend whilst staying true to the usual neutrals featured in recent collections. The detailing is so simplistic; it takes its form in minimal zips really allowing the focus to fall on the cut of the top. Collars are shown in just two types: the mandarin style, which is twinned with the long sleeved, techno fibred jackets. Whilst, on the other hand, a simple round neck has been used on the ‘Fame’ reminiscent, gym looking cropped Tees which adorn the Calvin Klein logo, pushing them to be the next iconic piece from Klein since he pushed his sex appeal jeans in the 70s.

Our other designer is Christopher Shannon, a Liverpool born, Central Saint Martin’s graduate. His collection is very different from Klein’s modern take on iconic and nostalgic sportswear. Shannon’s crop tops have been layered with sections of fabric twinned with simple round neck and an overall plain T-shirt look. The Christopher Shannon way of the trend is a make for the less fashion daring among us.

Crop Tops on Lookbook

As with many boundary pushers/breakers and over-steppers, this trend won’t be the be all end all everyone’s S/S wardrobe.

But if it’s just because your body conscious don’t let this stop you! Our lookbookers are prime examples to show that layering a cropped top over other pieces can give it a subtle take on a bold and emerging trend.

They show how great they can look in the summer heat, and also teach us that the cropped top can look manly under a denim jacket even if it is paired with harem pants.

Crop Tops Men's Fashion Look Book


Editor Addition

Just found these on Topman’s website:

  • Off White Draped T-Shirt
  • Grey Waterfall Front T-Shirt
The Readers Opinion

Whether you think we are trying to flog a dead horse/a dancing brick or a chain-smoking monkey you’ll have an opinion on this trend. The likes of Klein did not get where they are today by taking a stab in the dark at predicting trends. Admittedly stabbing in the dark occasionally ends up on the wrong side of whoever else is in the room. But off potential custodial-beckoning activities. What may first be seen in a knee-jerk society of sheep as overstepping any preconceived line, may soon become a trend ever body claims to have Sheppard.

So here we start the debate:

  • How would/could you carry off this look?
  • Can men succeed in this once female-trend?
  • Will high-street stores pick up for their spring/summer stock?
  • What celebrities do you want to see attempting a crop or two?

Let us know in the comments and have your say!