FashionBeans offers a second-hand serenade of sartorial wisdom. We often take what was taught to us by our granddads and make it relevant to today. It’s an education mirrored (although I doubt with similar concept) by the London College of Fashion. It’s an effort that builds the designers, buyers, trend-watchers and setters of tomorrow.

Fashion Space Gallery Presents: Yohji Yamamoto

Located directly behind Oxford Circus the Fashion Space Gallery at London College of Fashion is an exhibitionist platform (the non-arrestable form of exhibitionism) engaging with global fashion, design, photography and installation.

Exhibitions showcase the talents of leading photographers and designers, themed group shows, performance and installation and shows by London College of Fashion artists and designers in residence. It engages with the established and growing talent that will one day shape the industry.

Soon to take up residence in the space is the collaborative works of internationally renowned designer Yohji Yamamoto, London College of Fashion and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

“Yohji Yamamoto is one of the world’s most innovative and influential fashion designers. He launched his first ready to wear label ‘Ys’ in Japan in 1972 and arrived in Paris in 1981 with his first ‘Yohji Yamamoto’ collection. Yamamoto became internationally renowned in the early eighties for challenging traditional notions of fashion by designing garments that seemed oversized, unfinished, played with ideas of gender or fabrics not normally used in fashionable attire such as felt or neoprene. Other works revealed Yamamoto's unusual pattern cutting, knowledge of fashion history and sense of humour. This spirit of experimentation remained until this day and contributes to his unique contribution to fashion history.”

The exhibition, opening on the 10th June, offers the rare opportunity to explore ideas behind the process, inspiration and journey in the work of Yohji Yamamoto. The Yamamoto Studio has borrowed a series of toiles, patterns and vintage garments to the exhibition, which will be on show alongside photographic studies including those made backstage at Yohji shows by Thomas Zanon-Larcher, Donata Wenders and Amber Rowlands.

The exhibition remains until the 6th August following the work of photographer Iain McKell who spent the last ten years documenting and living with various travellers – there might even be a wedding or two.

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Fashion Space Gallery
20 John Princes Street, London, W1G OBJ

Dates: Friday 10 June – 6 August 2011

Opening Times:
Mon – Friday 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays CLOSED

Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus

Entrance: FREE

More info: 020 7514 7427