Mobile & Laptop Protection

Technology, and more importantly mobile technology, are having an increasing impact on the day to day life of the modern male. Leaving the house without a mobile phone, iPad, laptop and the like is today’s equivalent of forgetting to wear a pair of shoes; while you may just about make it through the day, it’s certainly going to make it a little more difficult.

Being able to work on the commute has become an expected necessity and keeping the entirety of your working life on your smart phone or tablet of choice is definitely not unheard of. The absolute reliance we now have on these devices to see us through the day (some would say it’s on par with eating and drinking) now means that keeping them safe, and not to forget stylish, is essential.

So today, I am going to be showcasing some of THE most stylish protection on the market for both your mobile phone and iPad, as well as giving you some buying tips so you know what to look out for. You may just be surprised at the choice of designer covers and cases you can find these days.

The Dos & Don’ts:

First let’s start with some tips when it comes to purchasing your new fashion must have.


  • Go for a muted design. Colour is acceptable in a casual setting but black or tan are timeless (as much as technology related items can be), easier to coordinate in your outfits, and far more sophisticated.
  • Look to leather. The tough wearing material will ensure whatever is inside is kept safe from scratches and it looks sleek and professional at the same time.
  • Make sure that it fits. Like your clothes, your case should fit the gadget is going to protect. It serves no purpose when your iPad slips out of it and receives an irreversible scratch straight down the middle rendering it all but useless.


  • Scrimp! A good leather case may be a little pricey but not as much as replacing the thing it was supposed to protect.
  • Pick a garish design. Rather self-explanatory considering number one on our ‘Do’ list. A union jack or leopard print design is hardly going to impress a client, or anybody else for that matter.
  • Buy a belt clip. Under no circumstance, in an attempt to avoid that mini heart-attack you get when you think you’ve lost your phone, invest in one of these monstrosities. I believe the phrase “It is arguable only a man engaged in a primitive war dance would be seen with his phone clipped to his belt” was coined by our very own Luke Todd. Any good man bag will have a pocket inside to keep your phone in, and as an added bonus it helps to keep the bulge in your pockets down to a minimum.
Stylish Phone Protection
  • Xqisit iPhone4 Rep Case Black
  • Ianthe Embossed Leather iPhone Sleeve in Brown Liberty London for Apple
  • Mulberry Blackberry Case, Oak Natural Leather
  • gucci Crocodile print Blackberry holder
  • OTEetCIEL iPhone Case with Credit Card Slot
  • iPhone Magnetic High Quality Flip Leather Case
  • Paul Smith Leather Case for iPhone 3GS
  • Valextra Leather iPhone 4 Case
  • Sena Hampton Flip - Brown
Stylish iPad Protection
  • Black EX143 iPad flip case
  • Sena Folio for iPad
  • Yoobao Leather Executive iPad 2 Folio Case Brown
  • Bill Amberg Leather iPad Case
  • BURBERRY London leather iPad cover
  • HUGO BOSS Gala iPad cover
  • COTEetCIEL iPad Pillow Stand Bag
  • VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Tartan iPad Holder
  • Burberry Chocolate Smoked Check Ipad Holder
Stylish Laptop Protection
  • Lexus Laptop Case
  • Bill Amberg Leather Laptop Case
  • Barbour Waxed Cotton Laptop Bag
  • Porter Module Multi Case
  • MULBERRY Scotchgrain Computer Case
  • Paul Smith 4 Apple 15 Macbook Pro Laptop Envelope Bag
The Man Bag

At the turn of the century a man bag would more often than not be met with a snide comment or sneer, thankfully the realm of man has evolved since then and embraced fashion and lifestyle on a wider scale. The man bag is no longer an outward show of metro-sexuality, nor is it ostracised by the masses; in fact, it has grown into an everyday essential.

A sturdy man bag is vital for transporting your laptop or tablet as well as your everyday effects. And in doing so it combats those unsightly bulging pockets, which do nothing but break up the clean, slim lines you have worked so hard to create.

Choosing your man bag is no longer a straight choice between, well a canvas satchel and its leather equivalent. Holdalls especially have become much more prevalent due to the ever expanding list of essentials we need with us on a daily basis, and the backpack has certainly made some trend waves this season. On top of this, it has become much more common to invest heavily in a top quality bag from a luxury brand which will last a lifetime – it’s not just women who are lusting after a Mulberry these days.

  • Navy Altitude Rucksack
  • Black Leather Stud Satchel
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Canvas Messenger Bag
  • Barbour Waxed Cotton and Leather Messenger Bag
  • Dunhill Leather Messenger Bag
  • PAUL SMITH - ACCESSORIES 2711-L289 Malloroy Black Holdall
  • Fred Perry Barrel Bag
  • Dune Lain double buckle satchel
  • Mulberry Medium Clipper Holdall Bag
Mini Trend: The Tote

We have hinted towards it a couple of times on site over the past few weeks, but the tote has become THE trend bag of choice for the foreseeable future. They were prevalent within the runway previews for this spring/summer, whilst they have also been seen on the runways for both autumn/winter 2011 and now spring/summer 2012.

We can understand the appeal, as by their very nature it is easy to just drop in (or get out) important documents, your laptop and other essentials quickly whilst on the move – perfect when on the morning or evening commute in rush hour. They come in a variety of styles, fabrics and prints, although if you would like a timeless piece then opt for leather or hard wearing canvas (perhaps with leather trim or handles) in your neutral colours.

We must make you aware that in the past, the tote (or shopper) was usually an ‘open bag’, meaning that the main compartment did not have a zip. If you are looking for security and protection then we recommend checking out the new style totes which incorporate a zip closure; much better for work, whilst the open style has always been the holiday bag of choice.

The Men's Tote Bag Trend - Runways SS12

Finally, there is just something much more sophisticated about the tote bag; holding it down by your side using the handles looks chic (rather than slung over your shoulder), and also makes the bag become more of a statement piece – a true 21st Century fashion accessory for the modern male.

  • Black Twin Pocket Tote Bag
  • ASOS Shopper with Ethnic Print
  • POINTER Navy & Tan Tote Bag
  • Drift Tote
  • Yves Saint Laurent Coated Canvas Tote Bag
  • WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie O'Hare Shopper Tote Bag

The hustle and bustle of modern life is a dangerous environment for your cherished machines and valuables. Ensuring they stay protected is crucial considering how much importance we place on them; I know that if I was to drop my laptop this very second I would be a little peeved and totally lost.

Function is not the only merit to consider when purchasing a new case. When carried, treat your iPad or laptop as an additional accessory and aim to have it compliment your look in some way or another.

What I want to know is:

  • How vital of an accessory do you see a man bag/carry case?
  • Have you invested in a premium quality man bag, iPad Case, or mobile phone case recently?
  • If so, what brand and style did you opt for?
  • Are you still subjected to the ridicule and sneers of your peers for carrying a man bag? Or have attitudes finally changed?

As always, let us know in the comments below.