FashionBeans Exclusive AllSaints A/W Preview

We have some really exciting content to share with our readers today courtesy of AllSaints. Everyone’s favourite fashion forward high street brand have got in touch with FashionBeans to offer us the chance to showcase their brand new autumn/winter preview videos before anyone else – including their own shop.

Here at FashionBeans we are dedicated to bringing you the most up to date fashion tips, trend previews and style advice daily; AllSaints have recognised the quality of our content, and the influence of our readership (that’s you!).

So let’s take a look at the excellent new preview video, some of the new look book images they have created and what we can expect from the brand new autumn/winter collections this year.

AllSaints Clothing Autumn/Winter 2011 Preview Video

You will not find this video on any other site at the moment, it is a FashionBeans EXCLUSIVE. So sit back, relax, and take a look at this sneak peek of the upcoming new season at AllSaints:

Key Pieces & Trends

Taking a look at the video above, we can see that they are definitely going to be concentrating on what they do best; namely dark and edgy pieces that are perfect for the colder autumn/winter season.

The Key pieces to look out for seem to be:

  • Outerwear: Whether you prefer thick wool coats, edgy leather jackets, or quilted heritage styles, the jackets showcased above all look amazing and will be a great addition to your wardrobe. I am particularly looking forward to seeing their range of wool jackets this coming season – investment pieces which will serve you well most of the year in the UK.
  • Biker is back: Yes the biker trend seems to have finally found the correct seasons to re-establish its hold on fashion. Burberry tried to push it this spring/summer, but it never really took off due to it contradicting what the season is all about. AllSaints seem to have created both wool and leather biker styled cropped jackets, which will be perfect for adding a toughness and edge to your look this year.
  • Shearling: There is an amazing cropped wool jacket in the preview above which has a beautiful black Shearling lined collar. As regular readers will know, Shearling was a major trend last autumn/winter, and I for one can’t wait for it to build upon last years success.
  • Thick Chunky Knitwear: A wardrobe staple for autumn/winter, AllSaints seem to have made their offering of knits even thicker this year. In the preview above they layer them over tees and shirts, which will give you an effortless layered outfit that looks great and keeps you warm. Could also be a great way to get in on the oversizing trend which looks set to be prominent.
  • Marbled Knitwear: Along the same lines, a lot of the knitwear previewed above seems to have a mottled or marbled effect. This was a small trend last autumn/winter within menswear – with D&G being one of the biggest backers. It looks like it has finally filtered down to the high street, and I am a big fan because it gives your knitwear some texture and an interesting print effect.
  • Boots: What was interesting to me was the pair of boots they showcased in the video above. Instead of being the typical military boots AllSaints are known for, these had more of an outdoors feel to them – verging on hiking boots. Again, this was a trend that begun to make waves last autumn/winter with the Town in Country and Outdoorsy trends, but could this be the move away from the ever present military trend that we need?
  • Tailoring: Smart tailoring – and blazers in particular – seem to be back in force again within the new collection. AllSaints really did raise their game in spring/summer with their range of laundered blazers and unstructured casual tailoring. I can’t wait to see what styles are brought out for autumn/winter; I expect there to be some great wool and herringbone type styles which are suited to the colder months. Either way, it looks like men’s fashion is staying sharp and refined as we move forward.
The AllSaints Autumn/Winter Look Book

AllSaints have already released some new look book images which feature products from the new autumn/winter collections. Take a look below for some inspiration, and also some pieces which will help you get the look:

AllSaints Menswear Autumn/Winter 2011 Look Book

  • Hampton Coat
  • Ballast Jacket
  • Fairfield Coat
  • Harrison Skinny Runner Jeans
  • Rhode Coat
  • Bale Coat
  • Medford L/s Shirt
  • Buckley L/s Shirt
  • Yorvik Cardigan
  • Yorvik Crew
  • Lander Cardigan
  • Element Glove
AllSaints Footwear Autumn/Winter 2011

Not only did we manage to get a sneak preview of the autumn/winter menswear collection, we were also given a behind the scenes video of the footwear production process. This was filmed at one of the real AllSaints shoe factories, and just goes to show how much love and attention is given to each piece of footwear. Notice the hand finishing distressing, the quality control and time and consideration that goes into each piece of footwear.

This video is again EXCLUSIVE to FashionBeans:

Now you can probably see why their footwear can be considered a real investment, unlike many other high street brands. Here are a few of the new styles that have already been released for autumn/winter.

  • Lot Boot
  • Brisk Boot
  • Strap Military Boot