The Denim Bar Returns

Last year my-wardrobe launched an innovative new denim boutique within their website that promised to help men everywhere find the holy grail – the perfect pair of jeans. I am sure, as FashionBeans readers, that many of you have spent years trying to find THE perfect pair of jeans* for you. You know, the jeans that fit your legs perfectly, look great with everything in your wardrobe, and feel like they were meant to be worn by you only.

Now, many of you may still not have found them, but that is where the revamped an relaunched my-wardrobe denim bar comes in.

The Denim Bar
Jeans Cuts

This year, my-wardrobe have managed to make their denim bar even easier to use. Whether you want to shop by fit, finish or your favourite brand, it is all possible and the page updates instantly with jeans matching your specific choice.

Not only that, when you pick your filter, the denim bar will update to tell you everything you could possibly need to know about that particular option. For example, choose skinny, and you will see a wealth of information about the cut, what to look out for and tips to finding the perfect fitting pair:

Skinny Jeans at the Denim Bar

Jeans Finish

If you already know what fit you like, then you can move on to the type of finish you require. Here you can find everything you would ever need to know about raw, washed, distressed, coated or coloured denim. This is great if you are looking to expand your jeans collection and want some variety.

Every male should invest in some raw denim at some point in their life – the process of wearing raw jeans and breaking them in for 6 months is a fulfilling one, and by the end you will have some denim that you can truly call unique to you. It will have abrasions, creases and distressing which has been caused by your body and your lifestyle.

Raw Denim at the Denim Bar

The Brands

Of course, a denim bar wouldn’t be complete without some great denim brands to promote. Well lucky for you, my-wardrobe has an excellent selection of new season denim to choose from. All the major denim specialist brands are covered, including Levis, Nudie, PRPS, A.P.C, Edwin, Natural Selection and Denham. You also have fashion offerings from Vivienne Westwood, Acne, D&G and the like, meaning there is something for everyone.

Take a look at some of our favourite pairs for this season:

  • Levis Vintage Clothing 1967 605 Black Overdye Skinny Jeans
  • A.P.C. Selvedge New Standard Straight Leg Jeans
  • Nudie Jeans Hank Rey Indigo Coated Straight Jeans
  • Acne Black Slim Leg Max Cash Jean
  • Vivienne Westwood Anglomania by Lee Black Mechanic Squiggle Pocket Skinny Jeans
  • Edwin Hon Contrast Used Orange Selvedge Straight Jeans
  • Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Dry Selvedge Slim Jeans
  • PRPS Rumours Contrast Burn Barracuda Straight Jeans
  • Levis Super Vintage Wash 501 Straight Jeans
The Features

Perhaps my favourite part of the boutique is the extra features like the denim glossary and selvedge guide. The glossary is really a God-send to denim newbies, as it will explain all the terminology you regularly see when trying to purchase jeans. So if you do not know your ‘Arcuate’ from your ‘Whiskering’ then spend some time exploring the glossary and arm yourself with the knowledge you need so you can narrow down exactly the pair of jeans you are looking for.

Skinny Jeans at the Denim Bar

The selvedge guide will explain exactly what selvedge denim is and why you need it in your life. We have already been through this before (see article here), but it is good to see my-wardrobe trying to educate men into considering the details and quality of their purchases before they make them – something we stress everyday here at FashionBeans.

Skinny Jeans at the Denim Bar


my-wardrobe are always trying to push the boundaries when it comes to producing innovative features for their customers. The denim bar is a great addition to their site and hopefully it will help men all over the world finally understand their jeans and what to look out for when purchasing.

Jeans are what I would call an investment item; you really only need a couple of pairs which will last and fit your perfectly. They can then be dressed up and down as required on a day to day basis. If you invest in a true specialist brand like the range showcased above, you can be sure these will last you years and will only look better with age.

*And did I ever find my perfect jeans? Well, I actually found mine only a couple of years ago – thank you Nudie Grim Tim.