It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that something pretty huge is happening this Friday 29th April 2011. No not an extra bank holiday, it’s the wedding of Price William and Kate (or are we calling her Catherine now?) Middleton. As Prince William is obviously a regular FashionBeans reader – where else would he come for the latest on style and grooming – I thought it was about time I tailored one of my grooming articles especially for Will and all the other men taking the plunge into married life this summer. It also ties in very nicely with Matt’s article yesterday on how to dress for a spring/summer wedding.

It’s widely accepted that her wedding day is the most important event in a women’s life. But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s pretty important for us guys too. With all eyes on the happy couple, this is probably the one day where you have to look absolutely impeccable – even if you spend the next 40 years with an ever expanding waste line, ageing skin and greying hair. This means no last minute dodgy spray tans, no stubble or shaving rashes, and definitely no body odour. The extended family and her annoying friends might get an invite, but grooming mishaps most defiantly do not.

When preparing to walk down the aisle, the fundamental grooming rules still apply. But there are specific products and routines that can make the big day go without any unexpected hitches. So without further ado, let us explore the grooming best men that have your back as you stand before your dearly beloved. Oh and William if you’re reading, I’m available on hire as a personal stylist/grooming consultant, just leave your number in a comments below.

Effortless Style

The key to hair styling success on your wedding day is to style your hair to perfection, without it looking like you’ve tried too hard. This means natural looking products that don’t overburden your look or leave your hair greasy come cake cutting. Remouldable styling products are also a great asset because they allow you to adjust your style before your first dance and perform quick fixes in an instant without having to re-apply. These four high performance products combine both ingredients for success, providing natural hold that you can rework as often as you desire.

  • Tigi B for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax 75g
  • Byrlcreem Styling cream 75ml
Covering Up The Stag

Just as important as the day itself (or so your mates will tell you) is the stag do. Whether you are hitting Las Vegas or Liverpool there’s a fair chance they’ll be some covering up to do before you return home to wed. The three main problem areas here are dark circles (for those on last minute events), a dull complexion (caused by alcohol and kebabs) and tired skin that needs a complete overhaul. Luckily there are carefully targeted products to ensure that what goes on during your stag do, stays on your stag do.

Best For Dark Circles

  • L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Ice Cool eye roll on 10ml
  • Lab Series for Men Instant Moisture Eye Gel 7.5ml

Best For A Tired Complexion

  • Nickel Lendemain De Fete (Morning After Rescue Gel)75ml
  • L'Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Lotion 50ml

Best For A Skin Detox

  • No7 For Men Energising Face Scrub 150ml
  • Anthony Logistics Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Mask 113gm
Shave the day

A luxurious shave is becoming one of the big customs in the lead up to the big day, with tonnes of guys visiting traditional barbers for the ‘old school’ shaving experience. While treating yourself to a professional shave is a fantastic way to prepare, it can be costly and you can just as easily recreate the ultimate shave at home with this simple and inexpensive three step process.

1. Pre Shave
Echoing the hot towel technique of a traditional barber, the Liz Earle For Men Cleanse & Polish Starter Kit not only cleanses your skin pre shave, but the heat softens your bristles and opens your pores for the most luxurious of first steps.

2. The Shave
One of the key elements to a barber shop shave is the creamy lather of a shaving product, but this isn’t something that’s exclusive to the professionals. When used in conjunction with a shaving brush the men-u Shave Crème provides an equally impressive lather that not only matches the experts in shaving technique, but brings superlative performance to your bathroom every day of the year – remember, a close shave is for life, not just for your wedding day!

3. Post Shave
The last thing you want in your wedding photos is redness and shaving irritation that takes the attention away from your beautiful bride. Shaveworks – The Cool Fix is your insurance against such occurrences, keeping shaving rash at bay and ensuring that it doesn’t crash the wedding party.

  • men-u Shave Creme 100ml
  • Shaveworks The Cool Fix Ingrown Hair Treatment 60ml
Don’t Sweat It

When it’s time for the vows your heart will no doubt be pounding, you may even be weak at the knees. But one nervous impulse that won’t be holding you back is wetness and body odour. It’s one of the side effects of stressful situations – especially if you’re planning a summer wedding – so it’s best to invest in a sweat-reducing product in time for the big day that will honour and protect you. These three roll on deodorants are tailor made for situations like this, each with an arsenal of grime fighting ingredients that will come to your rescue.

  • L'Oreal Men Expert Full Power XXL Roll-On
  • PerspireX Underarm Roll-on Anti-perspirant
Handy Man

As the ring is placed on your finger, all eyes will be on you and your hands – so it’s imperative they’re in good nick. Whether you’re a labourer or an office worker there is no excuse for shabby looking hands and nails. It might not be the most ‘manly’ thing to do, but by following these man-icure tips your day and your hands are guaranteed to go smoothly.

Lip Service

Whether it’s the first kiss with your blushing bride or planting drunken smacker on your best man’s forehead, your going to be doing the rounds on your big day. Not only that but you can guarantee that they’ll be hundreds of cameras (one official, the rest ramming a disposable in your face) all hoping to catch a glimpse of the happy couple. In which case, chapped or cracked lips are an absolute no-no, and a pearly white smile is a must. To achieve oral perfection (insert joke here) on your wedding day, then you’ll need the backing of these essentials…

  • Swiss Dent Nanowhitening Toothpaste 100ml
  • Anthony Logistics Lip Balm - Citrus 9gm
  • Kyoku for Men Lip Fuel SPF15 10ml
  • Nivea SOS Lip Balm - 10ml