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As well as using this blog to find out the latest trends, the best ways to groom yourself and the day to day tips that make a huge difference, there is no harm in knowing that little bit of extra info when it comes to the ever changing world of fashion. Following on from the Fashion Apps article it proves easier than ever to escape to this world whether it’s in a crowded bus, on the way to work or in the comfort of our own homes. We can take control and have a piece of it because with a few touches and swipes it really is in the palm of our hands.

But even that’s not good enough sometimes. And this year I think that’s become more prominent. If you saw Mary Porta on channel 4 at the beginning of the year in Secret Shopper you’ll remember her rather drastic change to the fitting rooms of Pilot – taking twitter and celebrity and mixing it with the everyday experience of trying clothes on to create a moment of escapism. Abercrombie’s sister retailer, Hollister, pushed its way onto the high street within the last few years with a series of beach houses featuring television windows of the tide, wood panelled rooms, low lighting and even a tiled roof on entrance. This new approach to clothes on the hanger is one that I applaud and apparently Tommy Hilfiger does too…

The Designer & Collection

From the day Tommy Hilfiger opened up his first store in the big city he defined urban fashion, creating a preppy marketing image and taking on a signature style similar to those of Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and co. Tight polos, cricket sweaters, rugby shirts and classic denim are all pieces that make up the “All American” style adopted by the designer. Although he turned down assistant positions to designers Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis on his arrival to New York, his success would eventually lead to the Klein fashion house purchasing the Tommy Hilfiger Cooperation for a whopping $3 billion.

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Originating from the 1950s, the preppy look is very traditional. Tommy Hilfiger has taken this and created a collection that pops with colour. Short suits, checked blazers and trousers paired with shoes ranging from classic oxfords to leopard-print loafers. The sportswear inspiration is much more focused in the womenswear unlike previous collections in 2006 where the cricket jumper was very prominent for men. The aesthetic is much more relaxed, again unlike those in previous collections such as 2010 and 2008 where the tailored and formal look covered the runway.

The Hilfiger Escape

Pop up shops are becoming much more popular in fashion, Naomi Campbell opened up her fashion for relief pop up shop last month as well as a series of celebrities including Annie Lennox creating a pop shop at Selfridges London. Not only has this playful idea benefited charitable causes but it has also begun to spread further with Tommy Hilfiger creating a “travelling beach house” that opens in major cities for a week, which started in New York City on April 28th. The 800-square foot retail space will feature a capsule collection including boat shoes and duck boots.

Covent Garden Pop-Up Store

The Covent Garden pop-up store launched on the 5th of May and is in town for just ten days to celebrate all things preppy before being shipped off to its next pit stop on the ‘Prep World’ tour to nestle next to the Duomo in Milan. Why not take a trip down there to really experience some true escapism shopping?

Here are some images from the launch party at Covent Garden:

Hilfiger Pop-Up Launch Party Covent Garden

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