Jofama: The Ultimate Leather Jacket

Men often treat their outerwear wardrobes like the cupboard under the stairs. You can call it eclectic; we call it a ruddy mess, mistreatment even. If there were an abuse line, you can bet your bottom brogue your trench coat would be reaching out for help.

We can’t blame men (we can, we’re just not in the habit of). Hitting all the key looks in any season and still being left with an orderly wardrobe is not tangible. However, Swedish brand, Jofama, believe they have the solution. “The ultimate leather jacket.”

The leather fashion brand wraps up the seventies Chevy Chase appeal with cool military styling. The rough-and-ready jacket features a detachable sheepskin collar and 100% wool lining; enough to take on the wildest of winter chills and restore respectable order to your man cupboard.

Jofama: The Ultimate Leather Jacket:

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