Kelty Backpacks

A man can often throw down gauntlet with a bear, scale the side of a mountain and cook a dinner that appeases a woman (the latter being the hardest). It’s only that he can do this is he a man. It’s only that he can do this because of his manly paraphernalia.

A Kelty backpack is the sort of backpack you would trust to carry such accoutrements. You’d trust it with your life – after all, when coming across a bear, you may have to.

Kelty concerns itself with the sort of people who explore Mount Everest and those that delve deep into the Arctic. They’ve maintained a “what about if…” discussion for over 60 years. It’s this dedication that dubs the collection it’s ethos of endurance and practicality.

From the truly vintage essence of the Wren pack, to the minimal styling of the modern Daypack, Kelty backpacks are a service to your manhood.

The Collection

Kelty Backpack Collection