LTD Watch

The word 'limited' errs on two sides of the coin. On one, it’s something a man should never be. On the other, it’s something every man should own.

Since bursting on to the scene in 2009, LTD watch has craved attention (like a bratty five year old) with their bright colours and standout designs.

Depending on the collection, each piece is only produced up to 150 times, meaning as far as style goes – like a bratty five year old – you’ll rarely have to share.

Celebrity Sightings

LTD Ceramics Collection

Discussions of ceramic and marble are often heard in a kitchen showroom. Discussions of ceramic and marble – where LTD Watch is concerned – are often heard in the kitchen of a trendy party.

The LTD ceramics collection is a staple of stylish playfulness and elegant mischievousness (if there ever was such a thing). The new additions to the ceramic family are the very exact.

“These are particularly beautiful watches made of marble like ceramic and only produced up to 50 times. The cool and casual cut of the Classic Ltd watches, with the dainty charm of smooth ceramic – the new collection is beautiful to the touch and an even more beautiful adornment to look at.”

Produced in two selected colours, supreme bright white and smart jet black, the collection maintains the look and feel of a LTD watch, you know, just one up on the social scale. Both the ceramics and XL ceramics have an alabaster effect completed with gold, silver or burnt bronze detailing to polishing them off with an extra luxurious touch.

The Collection

The watches will be available to buy in Selfridges and online from July 1st.