M.Cohen Autumn/Winter 2011 Wrist Wear

As you should know by now, here at FashionBeans we always encourage the utilisation of accessories in an outfit – because it is the small additional touches that will help give your outfit some personality and set you apart from the crowd. With this in mind, we were beyond excited with the release of M.Cohen’s latest wrist wear collection.

For those who aren’t familiar with M.Cohen’s work; he is a L.A based jewellery designer specialising in unisex collections, who personally draws inspiration for the range from his time he spent travelling in Europe and Central America. His jewellery is hugely popular with celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jesse Metcalfe, and Lauren Conrad to name a few – all of which have been spotted sporting pieces from his recent collections.

The autumn/winter 2011 collection is made up from a wide ranging choice of materials, which include leather, silver, fabric and waxed chord.

The two pieces key that really caught our attention were the Multi Wrist Wrap With Skulls, and the Leather Triple Wrap With Pearl Detail.

The Multi Wrist Wrap With Skulls is designed to be wrapped around the wrist numerous times. It is constructed of fabric and has a de-constructed appearance, with frayed edges helping to give that ‘already worn’ aesthetic. It also benefits from being banded with small brass skulls, juxtaposing the soft fabric with hard skull detailing – offering the wearer a rough yet delicate appearance. This piece is perfect for those trying to achieve a rock/indie look, or simply for adding some flair to your existing outfits.

The Leather Triple Wrap with Pearl Detail is constructed from premium soft leather and is again designed to be wrapped numerous times around the wrist – creating a unique layered effect. Two pearlescent micro beads also help to give this piece a softer overall aesthetic. This is a piece you can definitely see on someone like Johnny Depp, layered amongst other leather bands, colourful beads and the like.

The length and clashing of materials for each of these pieces are what sets them apart, enabling the wearer to tie them how they want and finish off an outfit with some individuality.

To treat yourself to one of these extremely sought after pieces of jewellery head over to Oki-ni.

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