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In the world of grown up MAN fashion, elegance and attention to detail are a must. There is a list of items that every man should own and moving onto the chilly winter season, not having a quality wool coat is inexcusable. Being the perfect ‘armour’ for this season, a fitted (and preferably adjusted by a tailor) coat becomes an extension of our suit, whilst looking just as good with our casual attire.

Although being incredibly versatile, it is precisely for this reason that a coat can become boring. After we make that true fashion investment and become proud owners of a perfect slim coat, we may be at risk of becoming too comfortable. No matter how good it is, sticking with our coat on every occasion means that although we may look good and confident we lack the ability to surprise and innovate.

Although parkas and gilets may appear as the obvious solution, these do not offer the level of refinement and elegance that we associate with overcoats. To avoid the often excessively casual look of outerwear, we can opt for blazer alternatives. I do not propose to put on our sharpest looking blazers and suffering in the cold weather. Dressing inappropriately and just for effect does not belong to the world of a grown up MAN.

Instead, I am talking about blazer variations that use materials ranging from thick wool to quilted fabrics. These are increasingly being rolled out by the best design houses and that to me signifies a new trend coming our way. A blazer is the ultimate expression of elegance; combining this with warmer materials gives us a perfect winter alternative.

D&G AW11 Runway

D&G AW11 runway Collection

D&G Blazers AW11

The 2 jackets by Dolce & Gabbana shown below are a perfect example. Featuring a typical D&G cropped cut, both blazers are a true statement pieces. The quilted blue blazer, when paired with a slim tie, is as practical as it is refined and elegant. The more uncompromising baize cloth two-button blazer is an absolute crowd pleaser; a piece that looks as if just delivered from Dolce & Gabbana’s runway show (and in fact it is).

Offered in either brick red or slate blue, this blazer would look dangerously good paired with almost anything, and the shades of the colours do not make it excessive or inappropriate for a more elegant occasion.

D&G Blazer

D&G quilted Blazer

With D&G closing its doors next year, this is the perfect time to invest in what will go down as a piece of fashion history. Their latest winter blazer collection is perfect for the modern refined gentleman, and they are on sale now at all the major D&G stockists, as well as D&G’s official online store.

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