Editor’s Introduction

Today we have an article from a new contributing member on Fashionbeans. Robert is a professional hair stylist and so adds an extra dimension to our ever expanding team, as we know that many of you have particular hair questions that we haven’t been able to answer as accurately as we have liked before. An exciting time for everyone and we hope you enjoy his series on everything to do with men’s hair styles; the latest trends, recommended products, how to get a particular look, what to ask for when you visit the salon and much more. So let’s give you a quick run-down of his credentials…

Robert Baker

With many years of experience working for some of the top names in the industry, such as Toni and Guy and Vidal Sassoon, Robert now combines his hairdressing and business knowledge in his role as head of business development with successful and progressive salon group Jas Hair based in the south of the UK. He still has a very creative element to his career, whether tending a very busy male and female client list or working on commercial photo shoots and campaigns as a stylist.

His passion is simply hair, but he has a particular interest in the male market including men’s hair and grooming products… “My mission is to make the whole experience for men visiting the salon a fantastic one, not just the quick trim culture that still exists in some places.”

How To Get The Very Best From Your Salon Trip

If you don’t ask, you don’t get… But if the man isn’t listening at all then it’s time to look elsewhere for a new hair style creator. Have you ever left a hair salon looking like you did the time before, the time before that and the time before that? Or stepped on to the street with the wax you bought bulging out of the back pocket of your skinny jeans and the bag it came in over your head? Well you get the picture.

We all know buying a new hairstyle isn’t like buying a new shirt or jacket – you don’t get to try on half a dozen before you purchase and you definitely can’t exchange it if you don’t like it. However, if you do a bit of research and preparation beforehand, then you are halfway there to making the whole experience a success.

Top Tips

Firstly, check out the salon before you commit. Don’t be afraid to ask for a chat about your hair with a stylist a day or two before you book – personally I welcome this from all clients old or new, as if you are a bit nervous or apprehensive, this will give you time think it through and you will also get a feel for the salon and the stylist. Do they know what they are talking about? Do understand the look you are trying to create and are confident about how they will achieve it? Do they take time to listen to your questions and answer them thoroughly? This is going to be a very personal relationship and you need to be able to trust your new hair stylist if you want to get the best cut time and time again.

Don’t be fooled by fresh cappuccino and leather sofas. Surroundings and the experience are important but the aim of the stylist is to send clients out of the salon looking and feeling fantastic – not high on caffeine.

Take along some pictures; these are great for clearly getting across what you are looking for and a good icebreaker. The hairstylist should ask what you would like to have done with your hair before it’s shampooed, listening to your thoughts on what should be done, and if needed help you get your thoughts across, as well as making some suggestions. What you shouldn’t hear is “just a quick trim today then” – either this guy thinks you’re a privet hedge or he’s just plain lazy. Remember you want to leave looking and feeling fantastic with the wax in the bag.

Finally, once you have decided on the style you want, and BEFORE the hair starts coming off, make sure you’re clear about the length. Most styles have room for adjustment, so talking about how much you would like left on is as important as what you would like cut off. Think about how short you would like the top compared to the sides? If the sides are going to be short, then how short? Do you want some skin showing or a less severe look?

Even when the haircut is under way if something needs tweaking don’t be afraid to ask. The aim for you is to leave happy and for the hairstylist it’s for you to return happy. Hopefully when the cutting has stopped you look and feel fantastic… and yes you leave with the wax in the bag.

Check points:
  • Do your research: ask around, get personal recommendations, and if you see someone with a great haircut just ask them where they had it cut.
  • Go armed with some pictures: hairdressers are visual people and it makes life easier all-round.
  • The hairstylist should listen, be enthusiastic and brimming with ideas.
  • Think about length and detail: a good hair cut should be personalised to suit you.
  • Any worthy stylist will show you how to style your hair and recommend the right styling products – this is essential for achieving the look at home.
Current Hair Trends

So before you hit the salon, you might want to know some of the current hair trends we are seeing for men. Well here are a few styles that a very popular right now:

Men's Short Hair Styles 2011 Trend Lookbook

Short, masculine styles (with a small m) seem destined for our heads in 2011. Seeing traditional English menswear designs making a comeback; such as double breasted tailored jackets and 30s cut trousers reminiscent of Chariots of Fire – for those who can remember – means that we are looking to shorter, sleeker, and overall chicer hair styles for 2011. We will also see the 50s sleek quiff and Don Draper from Mad Men look still being worn.

So to get the look, have the hair cut very short at the sides and back, and then wear the top sleeked with a varnished finished.

In order to style, try the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper [below]:

  1. Apply moulder about the size of a ten pence piece by rubbing onto palms of hands and fingers.
  2. Push the moulder through hair with fingers.
  3. Create a low side parting and smooth hair with either flats of hands or a fine brush.

Alternatively change the look entirely by using the Hairbond Sculptor Professional Hair Putty [below], style by applying in same way as the moulder above and then sweep back away from the face with fingers for a 1930s preppy look.

Products Of The Moment

These are some of the best hair products on the market at the moment and those I recommend personally to my clients:

  • Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper 100mlHairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper 100ml
  • Hairbond Sculptor Professional Hair Putty 100mlHairbond Sculptor Professional Hair Putty 100ml
  • Kms California Headremedy Clarify Shampoo 300mlKms California Headremedy Clarify Shampoo 300ml
  • Toni & Guy Detox ShampooToni & Guy Detox Shampoo
  • Truefitts Frequent Use Shampoo 365mlTruefitts Frequent Use Shampoo 365ml
  • Truefitt & Hill Hair Management Replenishing ConditionerTruefitt & Hill Hair Management Replenishing Conditioner

Good luck… and if you want to ask me anything personally please feel free to do this in the comments section.