The Neckerchief

Neckerchief, neck scarf, maybe a Cravat, or simply a Necker. Whatever you call it, whether you happen to be walking down the Catwalk in Milan or trudging the high street, this neck accessory is grabbing at everyone’s throat, demanding to be noticed. Perfect for spring/summer and autumn/winter, and versatile enough to be incorporated into any look, the neckerchief (my name of choice for this accessory. A ‘Necker’ just sounds like a frisky teen), is stamping its way from catwalk, to high street, to wardrobe.

So often with fashion to be forward looking, you have to look back. The Victorians were arguably the Lords of style and that includes the neckerchief. The Victorians championed the cravat; the more formal, up-tight appearance of the neck accessory. Over the years the neckerchief’s popularity has dwindled, but the neckerchief itself has begun its transformation, now becoming less boa constrictor and more free and easy. With countless ways to wear this accessory, the possibilities are more varied than ever. Appealing to high street and designers alike, the neckerchief is certainly looking to the future.

The neckerchief is normally made from silk and unlike a scarf, the neckerchief is normally quite thin, keeping nobody warm. The purpose is solely for attention grabbing, and what else is fashion and expressing yourself all about? Neckerchiefs add texture to an outfit, layering and interest. The great thing for this Pop Art of a season is that neckerchiefs can add plenty of colour, coming in a variety of patterns and hues.

Another great aspect of the humble, cascading silk is that it can be worn in a multitude of ways and hit a variety of current looks. From riverside Dandy to the Mods Brighton side, the neckerchief can complement most outfit selections, keeping your distinctive style but adding a bit of flair and individualisation. They can be bludgeoning and bold, tied tight around the neck, or utilised neck brace style or falling away under a shirt, giving a just glimpse of colour. They are the perfect finishing touch to smart or casual outfits that shows you care about the details.

Looks from the Catwalk

Neckerchiefs On The Catwalks Men's Spring/Summer 2011

How To Wear

With such diversity, I’m going to show just a few of the possibilities this simple piece of silk can have in three different outfits through the seasons.

Look 1: The Festival (Spring/Summer)

For a summer festival look, the neckerchief can pack a punch. Whilst keeping everything breezy and comfortable, the neckerchief adds some serious cool to your look. Worn tight to the throat or draping over a loose tee, the neckerchief is perfect for summer and will keep your look individual when compared to the hundreds of other festival goers.

  • Universal Works Polka Dot Red Summer Scarf
  • Navy Chino Short
  • KG By Kurt Geiger Esparto Canvas Espadrilles
  • French Connection Straw Trilby
  • Spitfire Round Sunglasses with Removable Lens
Look 2: Everyday (all year round)

A peeping neckerchief can be just as effective as it is cascading over a shirt. Try a button down collared shirt and thread the neckerchief through, leaving a little knot at the collar.

Another great way to team with a shirt is to tie around the neck as normal and then tuck the rest under the shirt, leaving only the part around the neck showing [see main article image above].

  • Red Paisley Neckerchief
  • Wings + Horns Japanese Oxford Shirt
  • Grey Cotton Skinny Chinos
  • H By Hudson Angus Brogue Boots
Look 3: Work/Smart (Autumn/Winter)

The neckerchief brightens any rainy day and adds something exciting to that special or formal occasion. Here I would tie the neckerchief quite tightly around the neck, covering the neck in the fabric. A quite glossy neckerchief makes the look formal and flashy.

  • Dries Van Noten Hand-painted cotton and silk scarf
  • Burberry London Milbury Two Button Wool Suit
  • H By Hudson Scotsdale Chelsea Boots
The Neckerchief Lookbook

Men's Neckerchief Look Book

The Final Word

The neckerchief will appeal to those males who like to dress creatively and are searching for ways to separate from the crowd using accessories and the finer details. However, you don’t have to buy a ‘neckerchief’ in order to get the look. The market is quite limited at the moment in terms of true neckerchiefs, so the alternative is to find a nice large handkerchief, grab it at opposite corners and spin it around; you will of formed a makeshift neckerchief that looks just as good.

Pick yours up at the nearest market and wear to the envy of others. Give your neck something for others to talk about for seasons to come.

Current Neckerchief Picks
  • Embroidery Aztec Scarf
  • Mustard Paisley Neckerchief
  • Navy Paisley Neckerchief
  • Navy Polka Dot Neckerchief
  • ASOS Silky Printed Neckerchief
  • ASOS Puma by Hussein Chalayan Fairtrade Scarf
  • Ink Print Silk Scarf
  • Flag Scarf
  • Logo Scarf
  • bottega veneta<br /> Cotton tie dye spot scarf
  • JIL SANDER Plain scarf
  • A CHILD OF THE JAGO Beggin Gold Scarf