Your manly aesthetic in the work place is one of the most important times you need to be looking your best. You meet customers, go on business lunches, attempt to handle a drink or two and are surrounded by colleagues who barely know you (but will maybe want to?).

Everyday is like a first impression being repeated. If you look like a respectable gentleman, undoubtedly you will be treated like a respectable gentleman.

Sadly, that big promotion will not make itself happen. Same as that tea won’t brew itself and flat packed furniture will remain just that. But anything you can do to help it along the way is surely worth a try, right?

Adding creativity and excitement into your outfit will show those around you that you are a creative and exciting person – a sure fire way to get noticed. In this how to guide I will pass on wisdom about dressing for your age and point you in the right direction of some garments that will give you that all important edge.

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Office Wear Trends
The Trend: Summer Chic

Formal wear in the summer is a tricky topic for most men. Should I wear shorts? Are sandals an acceptable form? Should I still wear a tie to work at the risk of looking too casual if I don‘t? All of the above?

Many mornings I have pondered these plights. Thankfully, those hours have come to pass with the introduction of alternative summer chic office wear.

The Season: Summer
Formal shorts, as seen below, create a real preppy, youthful appeal in your outfit. Beige and blue are always popular summer colours. The two work great as part of a sophisticated look or you can use them as part of a traditional nautical style. The addition of a bow tie really wraps the outfit up nicely (as any good bow would).

The Looks

Summer Office Wear On The Runways

Left to right: Cream trousers/baby blue blazer [E.Tautz at LFW], cream shorts/blue bow tie [E.Tautz at LFW] and grey shirt/yellow cuffs/cream flared shorts [Topman Design at LFW]

How To

  • Working the shorts for your body really depends on your age and size. From forty onwards, I would err towards a lightweight summer suit in the place of shorts.
  • Guys who are straight up and down can use the flared shorts to add curves to their hips and create a waist using a tight fitting belt.
  • For the older gentleman, as mentioned before, choose a suit which plays with youthful trends but has that sophisticated edge that says “I know who I am and I am proud”. The loose fitting blazer will hide any lumps and bumps you may have accumulated over time and is a removable option for the fluctuating weather of summer.
The Trend: Winter Prestige

The Season: Winter
We too are feeling the frostbitten pain of all our Beaners yet to recover from a never-ending winter. But before you go putting those boots and bombers up for sale on eBay to free up space for your summer wardrobe, take note of the A/W office trends fresh from the LFW catwalk.

The Style
As I sat teetering on the edge of my seat watching LFW menswear day, the recurring theme for AW became apparent: prints.

Leopard print was a huge trend for women last year. But this season round, men are being called upon to awaken their animal instincts. Think faux fur coats and fur collared parkas. Pair with subtle detailing (leopard print ties are not subtle) and rule the jungle. If leopard is a bit too much for your taste (or work environment) then fret not; alternative prints which are set to be big news in office wear this year include your standard stripes, checks, spots, paisley and the current favourite… gingham.

The Looks

Winter Office Wear Trends

From Left to Right: Leopard print shirt [Topman Design at LFW], metallic trench coat [Omar Kashoura at LFW], red shirt/grey chinos/black bag [Topman design at LFW]

How To

  • As has been mentioned in previous articles, pairing prints can be difficult. Educate yourself with the use of a biblical guide to style (also known as FashionBeans) and you can never go wrong.
  • Pairing your print with monotone trousers creates a lean silhouetted, a straight up and down look adding height to your body.
  • Incorporating a high waist in to your trouser choice can also create a figure-flattering mirage, as it lengthens the appearance of your legs. But only if your body type allows for it.
  • Metallic hues are going to be another key part of your wardrobe come the next A/W call-upon. This is where the rest of your already established wardrobe can be utilised. Metallic’s work best with a plain counterpart.
Sign off

The suit is the pinnacle of a man’s wardrobe. It defines a man in an instant as being of a gentleman status. Many will argue subtlety is the key that opens the door of sophistication.

If you are already established (you measure this by your assistant’s salary – not your own), you may feel that donning bold colours and controversial patterns is not the way to go for you. Keeping colours simple (black/grey/navy) is acceptable but only at base level. You will not be disregarded or shunned from any water cooler chat simply for stepping your boardroom attire up a sartorial notch.

A suit is not traditionally called a suit unless it is cut from the same cloth. However, just because the term ‘suit’ is used, it does not mean the colour of your jacket must match your trousers, which must match your tie, which must match your shoes. You can play with it as much as you want.

You must ensure your new work look is tailored to your body. Any ill-fitting clothing leaves a lot to be desired at the best of times, but when your judge and jury surround you 9-5, you’ll want to impress with more than just your punctuality and ability to make a decent brew.

On Trend Pieces
  • TMD Dark Green Metallic Cape
  • Paul Smith Jeans Classic Fit Spot Jaquard Shirt
  • ASOS Super Skinny Fit Metallic Grey Jacket
  • ASOS Slim Fit Jersey Navy Blazer
  • gucci Slim leg trousers
  • Marc Jacobs Men's Tailored Safari Shorts
  • Bespoken Game Pocket Casual Jacket
  • POLO RALPH LAUREN Striped shirt
  • PAUL SMITH - LONDON 256-S77 Mauve Shirt
  • Jeffery West Leopard Print Cuban Heel Boots
  • Unconditional Contrast fabric shirt
  • NANNI Leopard Belt
  • Zegna Linen suit
  • ACNE SS Linen Suit
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Navy Painted Camo Cotton Blazer
  • Universal Works Blue Chambray Hyde Blazer
  • Universal Works Dark Chambray Work Waistcoat
  • Navy Washed Light Cotton Blazer
  • Toffee Spotted Pocket Square
  • Navy Spotted Pointed Bow Tie
  • HUGO Hugo Boss Patent Leather Belt