The Strokes Legacy

With the release of a new album packed with the kind of riffs we’ve grown to expect from NYC five piece The Strokes, it’s time we put the music to one side and focused on their other main export – the unquestionable style credentials of their main man; Julian Casablancas.

Over four years have passed since The Strokes released an album, yet their influence on popular culture hasn’t slowed one iota since they burst onto the scene in 2001. In exactly the same way as Oasis and Blur had defined Britpop and fashion in the 90s, The Strokes were the catalyst for a new generation of indie rock and the New York influenced style that followed with it. While style from the lad rock era will be remembered for shockers like Liam Gallagher’s white parka at a mud drenched Glastonbury, the influence The Stokes and Julian Casablancas had on fashion in 2001 was huge. Skinny jeans became the denim fit of choice, leather jackets were worn by people that didn’t own motor bikes – dressing like a rock star was back, and more accessible than ever before.

But that was 2001, and this is now. Since the Strokes breakthrough we’ve been blessed with new musical style icons like Tinie Tempah and Plan B, while Alex Tuner has gone some way to stealing the ‘King of Indie’ crown. So 10 years on, are the Strokes and Julian Casablancas as relevant – and influential – today as they were then? Well in this case, absence really has made the heart grow fonder.

Julian Casablancas Look Book

Julian Casablancas Fashion Look Book

Julian Casablancas Style

Being in a front man in any band requires a certain amount of style and showmanship and Julian Casablancas has both in abundance. From the thrift store leather jacket chic, to his work with Pharrell Williams and Santigold as part of the Converse ad campaign, Julian Casablancas has adapted his – essentially ‘indie’ – style to move with (and ahead of) current trends and reinvent himself into a modern day indie style icon.

During the early years Julian’s style was rough around the edges. Rarely seen without his leather jacket/skinny jeans/worn leather boots combo he was the archetypal grungy rock star. But lately he’s added a more styled element and an urban twist to his indie cool and he’s looks even better for it. The ‘indie kid’ essentials still remain, but Julian has worked in hi-tops, aviator sunglasses and jewellery to set him apart from other rock stars like Pete Doherty, who can appear more grubby that grungy when off stage.

So how can you achieve the ‘Julian Casablancas’ style of 2011? Well you’ll have to start with the aforementioned basics – many of which you may already own. His jackets are a massive part of his style, so whether you’re opting for leather, aviator, military or denim it should be one of your stand out pieces. The leather jacket is still my big favourite and the biker fit should be your style of choice if you go down the leather root. Alongside your jacket, printed t-shirts and skinny denim are the obvious accompaniments to this look – but that doesn’t mean they have to play second fiddle; with red denim a particular favourite of the indie icon.

The Basic Items:

  • Statement Jacket
  • Printed T-Shirt
  • Skinny Denim
  • River Island Memphis Leather Look Jacket
  • AAA Black Leather Biker Jacket
  • Brown Aviator Jacket
  • Razor Leather Biker
  • Paul Smith Jeans Denim Jacket
  • DIESEL Jhima Denim Jacket
  • PRETTY GREEN TAI-018 Lennon Black Canvas Jacket
  • Rick Owens Anthem Men's Studded Leather Jacket
  • Balmain Printed T-shirt
  • ASOS Wolf Printed Vest
  • No Fun Sleeveless Crew
  • Aperture S/s Crew
  • Burgundy Stretch Skinny Jeans
  • Acid Wash Stretch Skinny Jeans
  • Grey Stretch Skinny Jeans
  • ASOS Light Wash Skinny Jeans
  • Dr. Denim Snap Black Trousers
  • Burn Cigarette

Next, it’s the little extras that define Julian Casablancas’ style and set him apart from other rock stars. The jewellery, the accessories, the variety of high tops, and the sunglasses – boy those sunglasses – they all combine to make Julian Casablancas a show-stopping headline act.

We’ll start with the sunglasses. It’s classic rock star isn’t it? Bono, Liam Gallagher (there he is again), John Lennon – all synonymous with sunglasses, and Julian Casablancas is carving himself a reputation as a musician addicted to eyewear (which is a much healthier habit than the other rock star vices!). So if you’re hoping to emulate Julian’s rock star credentials then sunglasses are a must, and they can work during any season too.

Alongside sunglasses, Julian’s other accessories take two stances, there’s the urban influence (baseball cap/chunky jewellery) and the bohemian (feathers and trinket jewellery). You can mix and match these as you please to get your desired look. And that’s why Julian’s accessory choices are great for inspiration – they are not only are the interchangeable but they can also be inexpensive, meaning you can continue to tweak the look over time – just as The Strokes front man does.

After the accessories, your choice of footwear can be tailored to your taste and personality. Personally I’m favouring hi-tops and the Julian Casablancas 2011 look, but for those wanting a more traditional rock star feel then there are some great boots (or even worn looking brogues) that work brilliantly with this style.

Julian Casablancas Extras:

  • Hi-Tops
  • Flat Peak Baseball Cap
  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Jewellery/Feathered accessories
  • Nike Dunk High Trainers
  • Lincoln Hi Tops
  • Converse Poorman Pro Team Hi-Top Plimsolls
  • ASOS Strapped Ankle Boots
  • Mens Red Or Dead Washed Pirate Boots
  • Alife 5-Panel Cap Black
  • BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB<br /> 1180010 Original B New Era Burgundy Cap
  • Roll Ten Necklace
  • TOBIAS WISTISEN Skull necklace
  • ASOS Multi Layered Geometric Necklace
  • brown skull wrist chain
  • Spitfire Wayfarer Sunglasses
  • Adidas Originals Aviator Sunglasses
  • Oliver Peoples Modified Square Sunglasses
The King Of Rock?

Now it’s time to have your say. We’ve had many a musical icon donning these very pages across the last 18 months; Tinie Tempah, Alex Turner, Bombay Bicycle Club, Pete Doherty and now The Strokes Julian Casablancas. So what do you think:

  • How do you rate his style credentials?
  • Will he continue to have as much influence on men’s fashion as he did back in 2001?
  • Is his new look fresh enough for 2011, or is he now looking dated?
  • Who is your ultimate music style icon?

Let us know by leaving your comments below.