Now for the fashion focused, stylistic guys like we, separation from the masses and the stereotypical “walking Topman” is a must.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Topman’s collection but it’s hard to express any form of individualism wearing the same clothing all of your friends do (along with most of the guys in town, oh and at work, oh and just about anywhere else you arrogate yourself to).

With anything in life you have a comfort zone. Whether it’s being settled in a 9-5 job instead of starting your own business or settling for a pair of straight jeans instead of plum coloured chinos. Everybody has a different level of comfort.

“Your comfort zone is like a muscle, stretch it often and watch it grow.” – What is meant by this statement is fear and nerves to try something different will always be a part of life, but once you challenge that fear once, twice, three times and so on the fear will soon be eliminated.

Think back to when you started learning to drive, or the first day at work. Now this is heavily related to your style. A lot of my friends are scared to break their comfort zone in fashion and tend to follow whatever the majority of people are wearing. With this lacklustre approach comes no individualism or expression of his or her personality. Don’t fear to be different, and the best way to implement this into your wardrobe and fashion style is by paying close attention to details of clothing.

Lookbook Inspiration

Now I’m not asking for you to read this and automatically become the eccentric Gaga – that’s something I’d defiantly endorse. All I’m suggesting is to break your fashion comfort zone and wear something you wouldn’t normally.

Detail on clothing is the main reason I buy something, it is what makes a piece stand out and makes me hand over the money. You can always tell when someone has made the effort to, well, make an effort. Community fashion forums such as are a great place to build your confidence up into knocking out a killer look. Here are a few that dared not to be a sheep among the flock:

Lookbook Men's Outfit Inspiration

So here are the details I like to pay close attention to:

Fabrics & Cut

The selection of fabrics to choose from when buying could take me another full article to cover them all. Obviously the most popular choice of fabric is cotton, but the idea is to step away from this.

In the winter you’re often drawn towards fabric that generates warmth and a sense of comfort. My personal opinion would to opt for something like tweed, wool or even washed or laundered cotton.

As for cuts, go for extravagance. What I mean by this is something that is in opposites to your standard basic t-shirt, pair of jeans, or cardigan for example. Here are some of product picks playing close attention to fabric and cuts.

  • Black Button Funnel T-Shirt
  • HE by Mango Donegal Tweed Crew Jumper
  • Religion Drape Scarf Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Humor Chino Pant
  • Maison Martin Margiela 10 Men's Suede Patch Pants
The Added Extras

I’m talking about buttons, zips, buckles and pockets. The consideration of these added extras is the definition of the finer details and something most people don’t really pay much attention too.

Think carefully, what makes a cardigan hit the right notes in the military trend? It’s the inspired buttons and understated epaulettes – without them; calling it a military cardigan is blasphemous to say the least!

  • Black Military T-shirt
  • burberry brit Four pocket shirt
  • HE by Mango Washed Zip Detail Trousers
  • Unconditional Side Zip Drop Crutch Wool Trousers
  • Folk Men's Double Breasted Wool Overcoat
Colours & Prints

Colours and prints are among the first visual detail your eye pays natural attention to. It’s what’s going to direct your attention to a piece of clothing and hold it until met with the finer details. So powerful, it is something you can use effectively to portray your personality, your mood and your motives.

With the autumn and winter season being heavily influenced by neutral palettes such as blacks, greys and beiges, try and be different and add a bright approach to your look. This effort can easily be achieved by the use of accessories or layering brighter colours with your neutral colours.

As for prints, again a whole new article would be needed to cover every print. But with animal print being popular for women this season, who knows if us gents will be brave enough to follow suit?

Also pay close attention to the trend patterns such as checked or striped clothing. Even though a lot of males are now wearing these patterns, you can still find unique examples to set yourself apart; whether it be a mix of checks (colours & sizes) or just destroyed/faded stripes. Here are some of my favourite product picks focusing on colour and print.

  • ASOS Floral Small Cutaway Slim Fit Shirt
  • Junk De Luxe Stripe Pocket Dip Dye T-Shirt
  • Navy Horizontal Stripe Shirt
  • Plum Cotton Skinny Chinos
  • Humor Santiago Five Pocket Trousers
  • Acne Men's Guy Slim Cotton Chino Trouser
  • Franklin & Marshall Check Double Pocket Jacket
  • Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Multi Colour Plaid Zip Off Quilted Jacket
  • Burnt Orange Patterned Jumper

Life’s too short to blend in. Fashion is one of the most exciting ways to separate yourself and showcase your personality using clothing. Now you didn’t ask for a life lesson, but if you only asked for what you got, life would be a pretty dull affair; wouldn’t you say?

Paul McGregor