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New Love Club has recently dropped at Topman in their ongoing expansion into branded clothing, and they have without question become a new love of mine! If you want to join the congregation of geometric, nebula and flirtatious ‘cool in the gang’ types, a £22 vest, £24 t shirt or £38 sweater is all you need!

The collection of upper body basics takes a modernistic movement towards simple angles, overlapped shapes and sauciness. Alongside black and whites, New Love Club balance their pieces with hinted explosions of colour in dreamy luminosities. Reminiscent of Christopher Kane’s Cosmic t-shirts, the NLC stand out pieces have to be the colourless and colourful takes on galaxies and their natural bewilderment. The ‘Starry’, ‘Eclipse’, ‘Planets’ and ‘Galaxy’ tees, by their very name, capture the overwhelming void of space and somehow impossibly reverse to retro in parallel with a futuristic sci-fi immediacy.

Kane isn’t the only designer generating the imaginations of those behind the London based New Love Club; their wolf print t-shirt and its sinister, out of focus eeriness wouldn’t look out of place next to this seasons aggressive Givenchy Rottweiler prints. Whether a girl is eating chips in her knickers (a dream combination for some), making a love heart out of her hands or holding a plack with ‘kissing is cool’, the t-shirts convert a playful immaturity.

Jay Camilleri was one of three to get the campaign and further exercises the aloof of youth, as seen on their online shoot below. I would advise buying the next size up for a looser, more relaxed t-shirt fit and to also roll your sleeves up until it appears half vest/half tee.

Items are available to buy in selected stores and to order internationally on Topman. Join the club!

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