“There are no absolutes. For every rule there is, it’s made to be broken and if you have style you can wear anything you want.”
Nick Wooster

Nick Wooster, or ‘The Woost’ to those who know him, is the sartorialist’s sartorialist. He is considered by many to be a street style demi-god and you can bet your favourite pair of ROTM monk strap shoes that he will be the most photographed man at any fashion show. And that includes the models. Previously, he was Men’s Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus Group Services (Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman) in New York but has since left to become an all round fashion consultant – splitting his time between, New York’s Park and Bond store and putting together style shows for various companies.

So what is the deal with this guy? Sure, he gets photographed a lot and has an extensive background within plenty of fashion departments but doesn’t that just mean he has the money and experience to dress great? Well, yes and no. As the above quote demonstrates, once you’ve spent enough time immersed in menswear you not only know the rules off by heart, but how and when they can be broken too.

Going beyond that, he has had enough time to hone his style to perfection; so that when you do see a photo of him you instantly think ‘that’s so Woost’. Something we all are aiming for, right? On top of that, he happens to be a pretty great guy. He has talents and interests outside of the fashion world and understands that, at the end of the day, they are only clothes, allowing him to have a supreme amount of confidence when it comes to what he wears. If you take a look through our whole collection of men’s style icon articles, this is pretty much an essential quality you need if you want to be considered stylish.

Nick Wooster Look Book

Nick Wooster Fashion Look Book

Nick Wooster Style Breakdown

When it comes to Nick’s style, it isn’t that difficult to pull off. I would describe it as a rugged tailored look, while he describes it as ‘smooth and slow burning’. However, if you want to pull off a similar look, there are a few key things that need to be remembered.

The first of these is the fit. If you are planning on wearing some of the more outlandish patterns and prints, you have to make sure it fits you properly. Once you nail this, regardless of what you’re wearing it will always look like it was made for you. The best example is when he wears shorts with a suit. The shorts that he wears have the same fit as the jacket and the shirt he wears them with, giving the effect that the shorts were meant to be paired with the rest of the suit. Even when he’s not wearing tailored pieces and is just in a simple t-shirt, it all fits him perfectly.

Secondly, invest in some quality tailored pieces. Here I’m talking about suits, shirts and ties. Nick tends to stick to neutral colours like navy, grey and black for his suits so that he can experiment more when it comes to his shirt and tie combinations. Ways in which he experiments with these include making them both the same colour, or the same pattern but with a twist.

In fact, he sometimes takes things a step further and uses statement pieces such as a madras blazer or shark print trousers. Again, the key to him pulling these off is not only the fit but the fact that he lets that piece do all the talking by keeping the rest of his outfit simple.

  • Black Two Button Slim Suit
  • Navy Tonic Slim Fit Suit
  • Ben Sherman Shoreditch Collar High Density Fine Stripe Shirt
  • Pretty Green by Liam Gallagher 3 Colour Gingham Shirt
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Pink Line Stripe Poplin Slim Fit Shirt
  • PS Paul Smith Burgundy Leopard Print Slim Shirt
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Ranger Plaid Shirt
  • Richard James Cotton Blazer
  • Stone Blue Washed Skinny Trousers
  • Off White Cinch Tailored Shorts
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Reversible madras short
  • Edison Jacket
  • ASOS Intarsia Knitted Tie
  • Powder Blue Silk Tie, Lanvin
  • POLO RALPH LAUREN Spencer Bow Tie
  • ASOS Oxford Bow Tie
  • Black Cotton Atom Print Bow Tie

Thirdly, when it comes to accessories, think outside of the box. Why not invest in some uniquely coloured shoes? Nick keeps his suits simple and monochromatic so that he can have more fun with his accessories – like his shoes and also pocket squares, watches and sunglasses.

  • MARK MCNAIRY Loden Suede Brogues
  • HUGO By Hugo Boss Evanno Patent Lace-Up Derby Shoes
  • T & F Slack Capri Suede Derby
  • FOLK Finlay Blue Suede Shoes
  • DR MARTENS Mie 1461 Cherry Red Shoes
  • Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Suede Officers Shoes
  • Burgundy Spotty Pocket Square
  • NIXON The Time Teller Red Watch
  • Nixon Blue Time Teller Pu Watch
  • O'Clock Silicon Watch
  • Lanvin Platinum Plated Tie Bar
  • marc by marc jacobs Tortoise shell sunglasses
  • RAYBAN Classic Aviator sunglasses

Finally, to be able to pull of The Woost look, you need to be a well groomed gentleman. I mean, just look at that beard! It is expertly kept, and for good reason too. Having the beard adds to his rugged but refined look, whilst if it was too out of control and ragged he would instead look like a hobo who had robbed Macy’s. Regardless of how cool and arty you think your beard makes you look, chances are it needs a trim. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and decide if it’s time.


If you’re one of the most sought after and photographed men in the menswear community to date, then you must be doing something right. With a combination of rugged menswear pieces, classic tailoring and a regular interesting twist, it’s not hard to see why.

In Woost we trust.

“I still find it fascinating that there’s interest in me, because I can, like, dress myself… I don’t think that’s a remarkable skill.”
Nick Wooster