Norse Project Villads Heavy Shirt

It’s getting colder, and we all know it’s time to ditch the graphic tees and tailored shorts. If you haven’t made the transition yet, then a new winter wardrobe fix is way overdue. Investing in a good quality, well-structured shirt for the chillier months is essential, and this latest offering from Norse Project utterly fits the bill.

Aptly named the ‘Villads Heavy Shirt’, this piece is entirely constructed from cotton gabardine, ensuring maximum protection against style-crippling frost (and imminent man flu). Created with the intention of fading over time, Norse Projects have mastered a delicate equilibrium with a piece that exudes rugged, workwear appeal with an understated sense of tailored sharpness. Wooden button detailing and an exterior label provide subtle references to the Danish company’s outlook; inspiration is drawn from the typical rural environment and natural surroundings.

Dark navy colouring is spot-on for colour blocking, and toying with the idea of buying a larger size is also an intelligent option; oversized pieces were everywhere and anywhere during autumn/winter previews. Team with fitted dark jeans or trousers – and don’t be afraid to drag out your old Dr Martens (or any other non-boyband boot); heavy-duty footwear is once again championed by the likes of Perry Ellis and Versace.

Practicality is often overlooked in favour of style, but why not kill two birds with one stone courtesy of Norse Projects? Available now at Oi Polloi

Norse Project Villads Heavy Shirt:

Norse Project Villads Heavy Shirt Dark Navy