Nudie Repair and Re-use Campaign

Nudie Jeans have taken their environmental policy to the next level with the launch of their second hand jeans service. Nudie have always been about using the most environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and materials for their denim, but now you can take in your old ripped and damaged pair of Nudie Jeans in order to get a discount on new purchases!

That’s right, in Sweden’s official Nudie stores, customers can go in a drop off their jeans that have seen better days. They will get a discount on another beautiful new pair of jeans, whilst Nudie will take theirs and remake and repair them in a personal hand-crafted way, for resale. These jeans will be tagged as “Good Environmental Choice” jeans so customers know they are getting a vintage pair of jeans with a story behind them all.

Personally I can’t wait to see if Nudie roll this scheme out across Europe, because the tedious part behind creating the perfect pair of jeans is the continued wear and waiting for them to “settle in”. Purchasing a pair that have already been worn for months (or years) just adds character and gives your outfits some individualisation – even if it is not your personal history that they characterise. This is a great new form of vintage, and we salute Nudie for coming up with it.

Official comments below:

“For us it’s about the reuse of jeans and fabric – cotton fibers last much longer then we normally tend to use or wear them. Customers will therefore get a discount on new purchases if they leave their old jeans to us. We remake and repair each pair in a personal way and sell them again, tagged with the new “Good Environmental Choice” label.”
Karin Stenmar, CSR Manager at Nudie Jeans.

These recycled garments hit the market in autumn 2011.

Source: Nudie Jeans

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