Oki-Ni STYLED by Simon Foxton

The Oki-ni creative team have collaborated with a variety of guests; from fashion editors, publications and stylists to name a few; to produce an editorial series which they have called ‘STYLED’.

STYLED is in essence a look book that is created out of these collaborations – with guest pulling together and mixing their favourite pieces from Oki-ni’s wide range of brands to create individual, diverse and very wearable outfits. Jessica Punter, Mark McMahon, Lucile Troquet for Kitsuné and many more have already been featured in the (frankly amazing) series so far.

This time around we see one of Britain’s leading stylists collaborating on the series. Simon Foxton has 25 years of experience within men’s fashion, and for those that don’t know him, he is contributing Fashion Director of i-D Magazine, as well as contributing Fashion Editor to Fantastic Man, GQ Style, and Arena Homme Plus – quite a bibliography list there.

Simon’s objective for his shoot was to create a futuristic and innovative look with visuals inspired by science fiction films of the late 70s. He focussed on brands such as Gareth Pugh, Christopher Kane, Rick Owens and Mugler to name a few.

His choice of brands is one of the key reasons we like this shoot, because more often than not these brands are known for their unique and inventive cuts. They are usually styles which many people shy away from wearing, as they do not feel confident enough to pull off such a statement piece. Yet this shoot goes to show just how wearable pieces from their collections really are.

Check out the full shoot at Oki-ni.

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