Paul Smith x Nihon Menpu

Amid the growing popularity of ethical fashion and its ever-stronger presence on the fashion scene thanks to movements such as London Fashion week’s very own Esthetica, Paul Smith Jeans has teamed up with Nihon Menpu of Japan to bring us a limited-edition denim collection featuring sustainable farmed organic cotton from Uganda.

It is another interesting collaboration for fashion mogul Paul Smith, who appears to be always seeking inspiration – his iconic pinstripe design has recently featured on many products outside of the realm of fashion such as furniture, rugs and even artwork – in order to deliver refreshing, if backward looking designs. The old school Japanese selvedge denim maker Nihon Menpu has left strong marks on the product line that has an undeniable ’70s character’ – whether this be the patch pocket jean shirt with beautifully contrasting zip front fastening, bright coloured zebra t-shirt with an undeniable hippie touch, or the check patterned reversible shirt.

While having an old school soul, the clothes are Paul Smith at their core, featuring subtle touches such as contrast popper fastening, rainbow stitching and the characteristic use of colour combinations that create patterns very unique to the designer.

With each piece signed and numbered by Mr. Paul Smith himself and total production of the key pieces limited to 30, this is an unmistakably exclusive collection.

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Paul Smith x Nihon Menpu

Paul Smith x Nihon Menpu Reversible Shirt

Paul Smith x Nihon Menpu Tonal Zebra Print T-shirt

Paul Smith x Nihon Menpu We ? Denim Print T-shirt