Albion Trinketry

Do you like to nostalgically day dream of the days when men wore pocket watches, walked with canes and wore their best clothes on Sundays? Well, those day dreams are exactly what inspired Babyshambles front man Pete Doherty to team up with British jeweller Hannah Martin and create the unique jewellery collection, Albion Trinketry. His aim was to create collectables that will stand the test of time; to be handed down through generations. Doherty’s love of scouring antique markets for a one of a kind trinket is clearly evident in his unashamedly whimsical and romantic 15-piece collection of cuff links, pendants, rings and necklaces.

From his words to his wardrobe Doherty is enchanted by the England of yesteryear. A time when fathers wore three-piece suits, mothers had tea sets and children played with hoops and sticks in the street. Doherty’s affinity with a bygone era and Hannah Martin’s bespoke approach to design has ensured the collection has a timeless and original feel. Each piece having been hand finished using skilled craftsman from the Midlands and Hatton Garden gives the collection an authentic look that makes for a taste of modern British luxury that can set off your outfit with a touch of debonair vintage class.

There are strong representations of mammoth tusk, oxidised silver and rose gold and feature heavily in this collection, and as Hannah Martin herself has said, her design process and inspiration for the range comes directly from Doherty’s own eclectic collections of elephants, medals, antiques and trinkets at his Wiltshire home. This collection – like Doherty himself – could divide opinion. It’s an ornate selection that at first glance could seem a little gaudy and over the top, like wearing a Victorian chandelier. However, I feel if worn with neutral tones and classic lines, the items – particularly the pendants – would finish a person’s outfit with flair and personality.

The Début Albion Trinketry Collection

Take a look at this very British, Vivienne Westwood influenced collection and see what you think:

The Pete Doherty Albion Trinketry Collection 2011

Now I’m sure by now, assuming you like the collection, you have realised that it may well be a little off high street in terms of its price range. Fear not however, as we at FashionBeans are here to help, and I believe there are easy, functional and most of all original ways to take high street jewellery and accessories and give them your own spin.

In terms of jewellery, key themes and iconography this season include; oxidised silver, feathers, crosses and crucifixes, skulls, leather and the multi-layering of chains. It’s about finding that one peacock-like item to set off your outfit, but without it appearing too busy or cluttered. Personally, I like to incorporate a dress ring as a signature piece in my look. Admittedly, it can appear quite a feminine approach to building an outfit, but I feel this is untrue. Setting a piece of dress jewellery against clean masculine tailoring or a chunky cable knit jumper can simply add that little bit extra to your look without feeling as though you’ve raided your mothers old jewellery box. Just to prove my point, below I have put together a look book of outfits, ideas and images of how Pete Doherty himself along with other fashionistas utilise accessories, trinkets and little extras to create a modern look that is set off with just the right touch of flair and originality. See what you think.

Jewellery Look Book

Editor Addition: Jewellery has been a predominant focus on Fashionbeans over the last week or so, what with Matt giving us the men’s jewellery basics and then Matthew featuring Baptiste Giabiconi as last week’s style icon. So this look book inspiration couldn’t come at a better time.

Men's Fashion Jewellery Look Book

The Albion Trinketry collection launched at Joseph stores in London and Paris in October, and will be available from Joseph stores internationally from the New Year. The former Libertines star performed an acoustic set at the Joseph store launch on Avenue Montaigne during Paris Fashion Week to celebrate its introduction into the Paris fashion hierarchy. Speaking at the launch Doherty, with a fitting nod to French Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, said “Man is born free, but is everywhere in chains… Hopefully my ones.”

Current On Trend Jewellery Picks:
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  • ASOS Charm Pendant Necklace
  • ASOS Mixed Chain Pendant Necklace
  • Seven London Sterling Silver Feather Pendant Necklace
  • Casio Retro Style Dial & Digital Metal Bracelet Watch
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