Pretty Green Quadrophenia Parka

Naming his clothing brand after a Jam song in 2009, Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green label has never been short of publicity – in no small part to the effect of the controversial Oasis split the year before.

Despite the drama of the time, since then Liam has made a great success of his indie styled label, assisted by his collaborator Paul Weller; the Modfather.

Liam’s most recent partnership has been with Pete Townsend and The Who. Together they have gathered an exhibition of photos, archives and memorabilia from their renowned album Quadrophenia, which tells the story of the MOD life in the 60s through the character of “Jimmy”.

The exhibition can be seen at the Pretty Green store on Carnaby Street.

To celebrate this new collaboration, Pretty Green has released a limited edition M51 replica parka like that worn by Jimmy on the album cover. Only 100 have been released for sale priced at £500 pounds apiece. You are ensured exclusivity and these pieces are likely to become true collectors items for the lucky investors.

The reproduction of this is an iconic parka will no doubt be seen as an ultimate MOD collectable and comes with the recognised Who logo printed on the back.

This Pretty Green Parka is available at the Pretty Green store on Carnaby Street.

Pretty Green Quadrophenia Parka:

Pretty Green Quadrophenia Parka