With the menswear industry being dominated by the great outdoors and British heritage this year, we have been introduced to a superb new brand that I am sure all of our FashionBeans readers will enjoy. The guys at Racing Green contacted us a few weeks ago asking if we would like to take a look at some samples from their new range. As regular readers know, we often turn down hundreds of these requests (hence us having very few sponsored posts) as we take great pride in who we actually endorse.

Taking a browse around their official online store, I quickly realised that this was a brand who took their offering seriously and deserved recognition. There is a true emphasis on quality and real heritage behind the British based brand. The clothes looked well cut, there was a focus on timeless or classic pieces that could easily form the basis of a capsule wardrobe and the price was in the same bracket as many premium lines in the high street stores. I was sold, and wanted to see what the cut and quality of the pieces were like for myself…

Racing Green: History & Ethos

We will be breaking down the two sides to their current product range later on in the article, but for now read through the history of the company and ethos they abide by, which I think shows exactly the type of values we can all relate to here at FashionBeans:

The Racing Green brand launched in 1990 and was first sold through a mail order specialogue, that was typical of a lot of new brands of that time. Since then we’ve evolved from paper to online shopping, which has been great for us because it’s allowed us to be more reactive; bringing our new ideas along as quickly as we can think of them, whereas we used to be constrained by the limitations of the printed books. It also means that we’ve been able to communicate our look better, because of the style book.

There’s a lot of talk about a British heritage and Racing Green is a genuinely British brand, that’s done its apprenticeship for over twenty years. Racing Green’s reputation was always for great understated clothes for people in their twenties and thirties that work as a combination, and we still apply that philosophy. That’s what makes the British look British. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true; It’s not just what you wear, but how.

We believe in edited choice. We all have less time and less space, so we don’t do loads of styles or colours, but what we make, works as a range, so customers know they can add to what they have already and it’ll just evolve their wardrobe. For example, no man should be missing a tan brogue this winter, so we have just one in the collection – but it’s the perfect one; it has the right toe shape and sole to work with the casualwear. The same thing applies to the desert boot. We just run the two colours you need – Sand and Dark Brown.

We believe that your look comes from the way you combine garments together, rather than trying to communicate everything on one piece of clothing. That’s the essence of British Style.

Racing Green: Casual Wear

The Racing Green offering is split into formal wear and casual wear. We were sent a range of Racing Green casual wear that included a pair of brogues, mock-waxed jacket, shawl neck knitted jumper, basic Henley, polo shirt and casual shirt – most of which we will be giving away later this month to a lucky reader!

When the pieces arrived I was impressed. The quality of the materials was superb (especially for the price) and the fit and cut of each piece was great – most where cut quite slim, creating a nice refined silhouette. Particularly pleasing were the quality of the knitwear, footwear and outerwear – these are areas where a lot of brands can come unstuck and many high street retailers fall down on. Even the slightest difference in quality can make a huge difference to the overall look and longevity of these types of items.

What I also like about the brand is that they produce style books for each season – a lot like you would find at somewhere like AllSaints. However, these focus on utilising the classic pieces within their range and mixing and matching in order to create a variety of looks – adhering to the core ethos of the company detailed above. Take a look at some of the current season looks produced and shop some recommended pieces below:

Racing Green Casual Wear Style Book

The knitwear and outwear available is truly superb. The navy cable knit jumper looks sublime, whilst the on-trend marbled shawl knit pullover we received was an excellent example that you would be hard pressed to beat on the high street for £49. The outerwear collection definitely has a British heritage theme running throughout it, as you will find the classic Harrington jacket alongside outdoors essentials such as the mock-waxed jacket, gilet and standard quilted offerings.

  • Short Sleeve Plain Polo
  • Brushed Twill Check
  • Slim Fit Chino
  • Crew Neck Cable Knit
  • Shawl Collar Knit
  • Plain Merino V Neck Knitwear
  • Brown Padded Gilet
  • Quilted Cord Trim Jacket
  • Belted Mock Wax Jacket
Racing Green: Formal Wear

Although we didn’t get to see samples from the formal range, we would bet money on it having the same quality construction and beautiful slim cut that the casual wear does. Taking a look at the style book below, you can see they provide all the tailoring you would ever need in your wardrobe; slim cut suits, three piece versions, matching waistcoats, statement overcoats and smart footwear in a variety of timeless colours.

This is a collection you could easily build your whole formal attire around, whilst knowing you will have every essential colour and piece you need in order to pull off a variety of looks each working week.

Racing Green Formal Wear Style Book

  • Extra Fine Stripe Shirt
  • Multi Coloured Gingham Shirt
  • Grey Windowpane Waistcoat
  • Black Twill Two Button Dinner Jacket
  • Navy Hopsack Suit Jacket
  • Navy Hopsack Suit Trouser
  • Herringbone 3/4 Length Overcoat
  • Brown Leather Satchel
  • Leather Brogue Shoe

Not often does a brand come along and seem to fit in seamlessly with the FashionBeans mantra and ethos – but Racing Green are definitely one to watch and we would whole heartedly recommend any of our readers purchasing from the casual or formal ranges. The focus is on classic and timeless pieces, in slim and refined cuts that are built to last.

With a great mid-season sale on right now, Racing Green clothing is definitely a worthy addition to your ever expanding capsule wardrobe.