Using Jewellery To Individualise Your Look

Recently on FashionBeans we have been taking an in depth look at notion of developing an individual style. No matter what your taste, no matter what clothing brands you like to wear and no matter whether you opt for classic timeless tailoring or on trend fashion forward pieces for your wardrobe each season, in the end we all want to stand out and be noticed. We want our peers to think of us as a stylish and well dressed male who is powerful and in control of their own choices – not just a walking Topman/All Saints/Insert brand here clone.

Of course, getting the fashion basics mastered is essential on our journey to becoming classed as a stylish and well dressed man – but how can you separate yourself from all the other guys walking down the street who have also taken time to learn the same guidelines and take pride in their appearance? An easy way of adding individualisation to any outfit you are wearing is through the details; the stuff the everyday male overlooks. This might mean through use of accessories, the way you wear a piece or through more personal touches like jewellery. This is the area we are going to concentrate on in this article today.

The jewellery you wear as a male is very much a glimpse into who you are and your personality. Of course, this should be the case for all your clothing; as what you wear should be an expression of who you are and the image you are trying to project about yourself. However, men’s jewellery cannot be easily broken down into trends and we cannot simply say “wear this piece so that you hit the nautical trend”, like we could with say, deck shoes or a striped t-shirt. Jewellery should be timeless and able to transcend trends and age. You should be able to wear your favourite chain/ring/pendant every day, without it compromising your “look”. It in fact should be one of your trademarks that makes your style exlcusive to you.

So with this in mind, some of you might be looking into purchasing some jewellery for the first time, some might be scared about trying to add such statement pieces to their look, whilst others may already know what they like and want to expand their collection. Whatever your situation, today I am going to introduce to you a brand and designer who actually understands the importance of men’s jewellery and takes the time to hand craft beautiful individual pieces which you are not going to see on every other person walking down the street. This is not your stereotypical obligatory jewellery section in your local Topman or River Island, these are true fashion pieces which can take you from looking good to great and provide you with real eye-catching finishing details to any look you are rocking.

Before we start it would be a good idea to brush up on Matt’s basic guide to jewellery so you can avoid the pitfalls when choosing your perfect piece.

The Stephen Einhorn Collection

As you know, we do not often feature sponsored posts on FashionBeans because although we get approached every single week by every type of company imaginable, they are not offering anything unique to our readers or a high quality service. When the team saw Stephen’s jewellery designs however we were blown away with the quality and styling. They have everything in their mens jewellery range you would ever want, from rings, to cuff links to bracelets and pendants; all these designs are hand crafted and true statement items.

The best thing about it is you can customise to your budget; you can hand select the material you want the piece made from, then change the stone that is used within the product (if included). In the end you are getting a customised service which allows you to be proud of the finished product and know that you will probably never see another male wearing the same piece as you. YOUR personal choice with YOUR personal customisation – this is what jewellery should be about.

Before I go into the company history and Stephen Einhorn’s personal work portfolio (there is a reason this stuff is so good – check the section on him below) I am going to feature some of the classic and more fashion forward designs available right now within each of their sections.


A great place to start if you are just getting into jewellery, due to their subtlety. Whether you are looking for a traditional masculine ring or whether you want something that is more of a statement piece, they have a great range of styles and materials for you to choose from. My particular favourites are definitely the skull rings which have very much an indie/edgy vibe and are very much Vivienne Westwood-esque:

  • Elipse Slim Ring 9 Carat Rose Gold
  • Wood Geo Elipse Slim Ring Titanium & Thames Wood
  • Smiling Skull Ring Silver
  • Oxford Ring Silver & Hand Cut Onyx
  • Fang Ring Silver
  • Ring of Sighs 9 Carat Yellow Gold & Thames Wood
  • Beaten Extra Wide Ring Silver
  • Metal Geo Elipse Wide Ring Palladium

Another very popular choice as an introduction to men’s jewellery. Like a ring, necklaces can be subtle but also used as a statement piece. If you are integrating one for the first time you can keep it tucked in or just show a slight peek using a v-neck or scoop neck top. It creates a little intrigue whilst still adding those important extra details to your look. However, I would recommend buying a piece that will last and reflects you , so you can wear it proud over the top of your clothing – takes confidence but again it will set you apart from everyone else.

  • Block Pendant Necklace Silver
  • Anchor Pendant Necklace Silver
  • Knife Edge Slim Necklace Silver
  • Fuse Pendant Necklace 9 Carat Yellow Gold
  • Skullduggery Necklace Silver & Peacock Pearls
  • Cross Pendant Silver
  • The Edge Leather Necklace Silver
  • Skull Pendant 9 Carat Yellow Gold

Generally not as popular within the men’s market, but a statement bracelet can be a great way of finishing off your look if you are not keen on wearing jewellery around your neck. Remember the key with men’s jewellery is to not go over the top, so try to stick to one piece (maximum 2) at a time within your outfits for the greatest effect.

  • Knife Edge Medium Bracelet Silver
  • Blood Skull Knife Edge Bracelet Silver & Brilliant Cut Garnets
  • Long ID Bracelet Silver
  • Snap 6 Bangle Silver
Other Accessories

The Stephen Einhorn collection also features cuff links, wallet chains, pin badges and much more. Take a look at some of our favourites below:

  • Twist Leather Wallet Chain Silver
  • Skull & Crossbone Pin 9 Carat Yellow Gold
  • Skull & Crossbone Chain Cufflinks Silver
  • Beaten Cufflinks Silver
The Company

Stephen Einhorn Ltd was founded in London in 1995. The aim of the company is that with our specialist design and manufacturing skills we will create handmade, innovative designer jewellery, bespoke and unique products, and offer a personalised service that other companies cannot equal.

We would love to see you…
Whether you’d like to talk about conflict free diamonds, learn more about Stephen Einhorn’s Thames Wood collection or just have a look at Designer Einhorn’s hand crafted designs, our expert sales consultants will be on hand to help. They offer a personalised service, and you can even discuss commissioning custom pieces with Stephen himself.

The London showroom is located at 210 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1RL and is open Monday to Saturday 10:00-18:00 excluding bank holidays.

If you wish to visit our shop, the nearest Underground Tube is Highbury and Islington station, which is on the Victoria line. Coming out of the station turn right onto Upper Street. We are about 400 metres from the station, on the right hand side, just before the first set of traffic lights at the junction of Islington Park Street and Upper Street. Travelling from the Angel Islington, which is at the other end of a long street, you can take the number 4, 19, 30 or 43 bus towards Highbury. If you are driving you can find metered parking on Compton Terrace and College Cross.

Stephen Einhorn Campaigns/Featured

Stephen Einhorn Men's Jewellery Featured in

Stephen Einhorn – Jewellery Designer

So it is no good us just telling you how good Stephen is at jewellery design, check out some of his achievements and background information:

“My design signature is elegant simplicity. I am interested in designs that are totally wearable, including my more flamboyant bespoke pieces. I have worked to create a style that is instantly recognisable and that appeals to someone who appreciates design, style and quality.”
– Stephen Einhorn

Stephen was one of the first designers to focus on men, having noticed a large gap in the market for men’s jewellery. Paul Smith commissioned Stephen’s very first men’s jewellery collection plus many subsequent collections including a women’s jewellery range sold as ‘Stephen Einhorn for Paul Smith’. Stephen designed men’s retail ranges for A Bathing Ape, Alfred Dunhill, Dexter Wong, Takeo Kikuchi, Jigsaw and others which led to his own retail section in John Lewis, Oxford Street.

Stephen offers an exclusive bespoke jewellery service as well as made to measure and ready-to-wear collections. His jewellery is designed for individuals who seek originality, exclusivity, high quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge design with a British sensibility.

Stephen’s jewellery is worn and loved by personalities such as Fearne Cotton, Lauren Laverne, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, Noel Fielding, Jonny Lee Miller, Jonathon Ross, Christiano Ronaldo, Sébastien Foucan, David Gandy and Michael Madsen.