Sunny Sports x Woolrich CPO Shirt – Native Border

It’s always difficult to find that happy medium between shirt and jacket on winter nights out. You don’t want to be freezing your proverbial’s off by braving it with no extra layers – but equally, you don’t want to be that guy trudging around the dancefloor with a thick coat over his arm because the cloakroom’s full. Yes, us blokes do face these dilemmas too.

In response to such fashion woes, Japanese-based Californian brand Sunny Sports have created a rather awesome looking solution. The Woolrich CPO Native Border shirt is a shirt/jacket hybrid that is ideal for chilly winter evenings without inflicting the rigidity and inflexibility of pieces in the same vein.

Made from 100% wool sourced from American Woolrich Woollen Mills, this latest offering is extremely practical for those upcoming dreary months – and Sunny Sports have been careful not to recycle the same monochrome looks we’ve seen before. Taking inspiration from the happy-go-lucky West Coast lifestyle, the pieces channels 80s workwear with a distinctive Native American pattern and earthy tone colourings. You’re sure to make a subtle stand against the dullness of winter with this on your back.

As always with Sunny Sports, the devil really is in the detail. Anchor embossed buttons provide a nautical spin and the addition of pockets propel the piece into cool and practical heaven. The shirt really is a welcome mish-mash of Californian coolness, naval practicality and Japanese innovation. Team with slim fit jeans and a sensible pair of leather boots to maximise on the ruggedly understated workwear aesthetic of the piece.

Despite a relatively busy texture, the shirt could go with most staple pieces in your wardrobe – just try to keep other patterns to a minimum, and don’t be afraid to buy a bigger size. Oversized pieces were recently pioneered by the likes of Philip Lim, Balmain and Hermés; it’s a rare moment when we can be on-trend and practical all at once.

Bring a little West Coast sunshine to your outfits this winter, and invest today. Available at Oi Polloi now.

Sunny Sports x Woolrich CPO Shirt – Native Border:

Sunny Sports, Woolrich CPO Shirt - Native Border