The Chic Geek’s Fashion Grooming and Style Guide For Men Review

Sometimes it seems that everyone has a book out just in time for Christmas; there’s rumours that even the nude pictures of Scarlett Johanssen are getting their own autobiography hitting Waterstones soon. It’s hard to deduce what books are good and which ones are going to be watered down stories of celebrity encounters and a difficult childhood.

‘The Chic Geek’s Fashion Grooming and Style Guide For Men’ (apart from having a REALLY long title) is a special book. In that it has an actual purpose.

Being taken almost wholesale from the excellent men’s sartorial site The Chic Geek, it collects their advice in 176 wonderful pages. Which didn’t seem like a lot when I picked it up for the first. There’s issues of Heat magazine that are longer, and that doesn’t even have a bibliography.

TCGFGaSGFM is crammed to the spine with helpful hints, tips and information about every aspect of fashion that you could even hope to worry about.

The Chic Geek's Fashion Grooming and Style Guide For Men Book Images

Totally discarding the Hipster subculture completely, TCGFGaSGFM (catchy, right?) keeps things as traditionally stylish as possible. You won’t find advice on which coloured chinos are the best (FYI, it’s khaki. Always khaki. Except when it’s navy). Or the endless possibilities of a check shirt. What you will find is advice on how to iron a shirt. And how to wax “downstairs”. Or how to get the best suit. This is advice that never goes out of fashion.

There’s also a history of men’s fashion ranging from Louis XIV all the way to The David Hockney, via Oscar Wilde and Gordon Gekko – with explanations of what makes them style icons. Unfortunately it does miss out the unfortunate fashions worn in the 70s, and there is no mention of David Essex at all. So there’s that.

The Chic Geek's Fashion Grooming and Style Guide For Men Book Images

Spliced together with hilarious mock-ups of dogs in suits or birds of prey in Beatles-esque military jackets, the pages are colourful and easy to read. Which is a very important issue. In these days of SMHs, WTFs and CIMs, people are too lazy to read an actual book that’s actually full of words. No one wants to spend time reading things when a picture can sum it up for them. What are we? Neanderthals? Not us. No way.

Easily the best thing about TCGFGaSGFM is the Geekipedia. Which is a compilation of almost every fashion term you may know. It genuinely excites me knowing the history of the Oxford Shirt, or the true spelling of shoosh (like what you do to make your hair to size of Cheryl Cole’s). Don’t worry, don’t worry! I won’t spoil the ending for you. Sweet Mother of Pearl it’s exciting though.

The Chic Geek’s Fashion Grooming and Style Guide For Men is a perfect present for a lover, live-in or not, who has any passing interest in fashion.

You can buy it now from Amazon.