Introduction To The MAN Series

Today we have a double post on FashionBeans as we introduce a fun new feature called the FashionBeans MAN series. New contributing writer Michael Mason is going to be taking us on a journey of self improvement from boy to something resembling a real MAN; giving us insights into his fears and apprehension of growing up… and the responsibility that comes with it.

I will let Michael describe his current situation for you in his own words:
Michael Mason: 19, student, absolute girl. I am a boy on a quest to become the ultimateMAN – Highly doubtful I will succeed, highly likely I will embarrass myself in the process. The FashionBeans MAN series follows my journey, the mistakes I make and the lessons I learn from them. Wish me luck.

Once the series concludes I hope we will have concrete details and a launch date for a brand new FashionBeans monthly feature which the whole team here are excited about, and I personally think is going to take us to the next level.

So please take a break out of your busy day, take a dive into Michael’s thoughts, and get involved with the comments below.

Being a MAN

Man; Noun the human individual as representing the species. Man hopes for peace, but prepares for war.

Men of the modern world are subject to judgement of all kinds. However, there are few things more disappointing than the criticisms of a father. It’s one that precedes a succession of scolds from a love interest to a boss or co-worker. As the first role model most men-in-training ever have, we are bound to want to earn his respect. It’s only natural.

There is no formula for the perfectMAN. Only one that’s led by example. Annoyingly each caricature in your life asks for a different assortment of talents and pragmatic signifiers. If I was one of the Jackson 5 I’m fearful a hypothetical father would still be beating a moonwalk out of me.

This is the first in six part series we dub ‘The FashionBeans MAN series’. It follows the story of lesserMAN’s failure to become despondent with the seemingly unattainable term.


With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about my Dad, and how bloody good he is at just about everything practical. Why is it that Dad’s are so good at being men? At the age of 19, I consider myself to be no more than a large, ungainly child who, much like Peter Pan, will never grow up. I’m jealous of my Dad. Fortunately, all he requires of me is to stay alive, which I just about manage. But I still feel the need to reach the same heights he has in his life – even if he doesn’t. Everything appears to be self-taught. Everything a MAN should be able to do, without any training whatsoever. Plumber, electrician, carpenter, mechanic, plasterer, builder, painter and decorator – the MAN has it all covered.

The thing that amazes me most is that my Dad is not considered to be some sort of SuperMAN. His entire generation has been brought up this way. I highly doubt that I will ever know what the term transmission fluid means, and yet he regularly reels it off along with numerous other ‘MANphrases’. Someone should really write a dictionary for such things.

In a desperate attempt to MANup, I made a drum last week. In hindsight, a table might have been more practical. At the time I was feeling musical so a drum seemed appropriate. I say drum, but what I actually ended up with was a crooked box, that you wouldn’t even think of ‘drumming’ for fear of skewering a finger on a badly hammered nail. When I showed the aforementioned MAN of the house my death-box, he thought I’d done it badly on purpose. I hadn’t.

I often wonder what will happen when all the proper men die, it’s bound to happen eventually. I expect trained plumbers and bricklayers will be rocketed into high society, and Tommy Walsh will have his very own statue placed atop a column in Trafalgar Square.

It’s because of the reasons listed above that I respect the DadMAN so much. I dread to think what my children will think of me. I sometimes struggle to remember where to put washer fluid. Maybe MANknowledge does come with age. Maybe one day I will suddenly know what transmission fluid is. Maybe one day I will be a DadMAN. Until that moment comes, a boy I shall remain.

Ten things a DadMAN should be able to do
  1. Read a map
  2. Put up a shelf
  3. Carve a Turkey
  4. Catch a Fish
  5. Beat you at Pool (or at least let you win unknowingly)
  6. Have enough stuff to fill a shed
  7. Own and use power tools
  8. Assemble flat pack furniture
  9. Drink you under the table
  10. Understand the concept of ‘transmission fluid’
Editor Addition: Father’s Day Gifts

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