Topman Peacoat Project

Topman has launched its seventh instalment of the ‘Classics Project’, this time inviting 5 of the most talented designers of the moment – including their very own Topman design range – to put their individual stamp on an all time classic garment; The Peacoat.

The peacoat has been around for over 100 years and were originally established by the navy. More often than not they consist of double breasted fastenings, tall collars with a throat latch and broad lapels.

The designers of the iconic reinvented peacoats for Topman include: Tim Hamilton, Todd Lynn, Timo Weiland, Alister Mackie, James Small and Topman Design. They have all reworked the traditional silhouette and managed to add their own contemporary twists to each coat to make them unique; doing this by carefully selecting their use of fabrics, cut/shape, construction details and linings.

The peacoat is an ideal item to keep you isolated and protected against the weather, and a staple piece you should all own for this coming autumn 2011. We even feature it in our latest FashionBeans MAN editorial on outerwear for 2011, at it is a traditional stylish garment that seems to reform itself and resurface every autumn/winter. Definitely an investment piece that you will be able to reuse year after year.

These original peacoat designs retail between £130-£180 and are available at Topman

Topman Peacoat Project Collection:

Topman Peacoat Project Topman Design Black Peacoat

Topman Peacoat Project James Small Black Wool Peacoat

Topman Peacoat Project Timo Weiland Navy Wool Peacoat

Topman Peacoat Project Todd Lynn Black Peacoat

Topman Peacoat Project Alister Mackie Black Peacoat

Topman Peacoat Project Tim Hamilton Black Peacoat