Umbro New York Cosmos Blackout Clothing

When looking to pay homage to the heritage of New York, we’d be the first to lampoon Umbro for not applying reverence to the blackout of ‘77. Luckily, when the sporting brand pairs up with The New York Cosmos to offer up The Blackout Collection – that’s exactly what they did.

The exclusive to Selfridge’s collection puts a tonal black spin on the classic Umbro emblem and celebrates legendary Cosmos icon, Carlos Alberto Torres.

“It’s known as the city that never sleeps, but on July 13 1977 New York fell into complete darkness as a blackout swept over the entire area, plunging NYC into chaos. By coincidence, Brazilian defender Carlos Alberto Torres was arriving in the city at the same time to sign for the New York Cosmos football team, a move that would see the celebrated squad move from contenders to genuine champions.”

Celebrating the light to emerge from the street parties across the five boroughs that were to give rise to a new culture, the collection features flashes of colour and texture through the use of embroidery, UV responsive paint and reflective prints.

A striking noir take on the current New York Cosmos home jersey sits alongside ominous black variations of classic Umbro polo, tee and jacket silhouettes.

Along with the heritage of a hero, the birth of a culture and the style of a city, Umbro have produced a video that brings to life that moment when Carlos Alberto Torres arrived in New York City, only to find it straining to cope with the blackout. Narrated by the man himself, it tells the Blackout story perfectly.

The Umbro New York Cosmos Blackout Collection is available exclusively from Selfridges now, and at selected independent retailers from August.

The New York Cosmos Collection
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